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How to Use Twitter to Your Advantage, College Guide

Twitter is a social media platform included in microblogging and social interaction. It allows users to post tweets or retweet other messages. Quick and frequent messages can be exchanged via the platform. 

Additionally, Twitter is also a good place where a company or influencer can grow their brand. With over 330 million active users in a month, it is one of the most visited social media channels in the world for updates on people, brands, artists, and influencers. If you are a brand actively looking into reaching out to your audiences and target market, Twitter is definitely a channel to explore.

How To Make The Most Out Of Twitter

Whether you are a business seeking to connect with audiences or a private person who would want to explore the potentials and opportunities Twitter may offer, here are some tips you follow.

Connect With The Right People

Twitter is all about connecting to people you know, influencers, artists, brands, and companies. There is no limit on how many accounts you can follow. A great tip would be to follow accounts that would be beneficial for your current needs, wants, or aspirations in life.

Looking for a job? Follow brands and company accounts of industries related to your field. They usually post updates on job hirings on their social media accounts. Trying to find a promotion for your new product? There are plenty of influencers that can help you retweet and promote what you offer via a single tweet. Twitter is also a good source of news and information in different aspects of life, society, politics, and pop culture.

Be Professional On Your Account

If you are seeking to generate leads and sales for your business or to promote brand awareness, a professional and well-thought Twitter account would be best. Create a separate personal Twitter account if you want to connect with families or even brands on a more personal and fun level. However, for reasons that may affect your career or chances of getting a job in the future, a decent Twitter account is advisable.

Limit your opinions to casual conversations instead of engaging with pointless debates with other users. Additionally, if you are brand expanding your business through this platform, use colors and logos aligned with your actual branding. This helps it easier for your followers to associate your Twitter account with your business or brand. It builds brand awareness and credibility at the same time.

Know When To Post

It can be quite lonely on Twitter if your posts do not generate the traction that you expect from your audiences. Although there are plenty of users on the platform, real engagement comes from your followers. So when is the right time to post to engage with your audiences?

According to studies, Friday is one of the best days to post on Twitter to get noticed. Start early, around 9 am to 10 am to get the best exposure possible for your tweets. Sunday mornings can be quite slow when it comes to engagement on Twitter. However, audiences may differ too. Most brands use Twitter analytics to be able to adjust their Tweets to the posting preferences of their audiences.

Engage With Your Audiences

To receive engagement, you should engage with your audiences too. Keep track of the people or brands you follow on Twitter. Like, share, and comment on posts that interest you. If you are a brand or influencer seeking to grow on the platform, take time to respond to your audiences as soon as possible. Get back to them as soon as you can.

Show your audiences that you follow them by genuinely reacting to what they share. Avoid spam comments like nice articles or great to hear. Sit down and take the time to read and understand what your audience has to say. In turn, you’ll be able to receive valuable engagement from the people who follow you too.

These tips above will help you connect more effectively and productively on Twitter. Use it daily to learn how others are using it to their advantage too. The more insightful your share on Twitter, the more likely you’ll tap into the right audiences as you grow in this social media channel. Always ensure that you are living up to the presence and personality that you would like to showcase on your profile.

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