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How To Use Social Media For Your Small Business In College

If you are a college student managing a small business, we are so proud of you. What you are doing is an amazing experience and will give you a lot of learnings which you can’t get from the classroom. The question now is, are you using social media to your advantage? Are you doing it correctly?  

If you are not noticing a lot of traction, there’s a big chance that you are not doing it right. So, here’s where we can help you. We have a number of practical yet effective tips on how you can use social media for your growing business. Make sure to follow these and notice the difference it could bring to your venture.  

Don’t Go Random  

Many people post content without a plan, and they do so randomly. But that doesn’t work. It’s like you are striking anywhere and apparently without a target.  

This is what you need to do. Have a content calendar. 

When you say content calendar, you generally need to think about what you need to post in advance. This seems easy but it can take a bit of work. You need to know what’s hip, what your market wants, what’s relevant, and perhaps adjust it when they are other pressing news.  

Use A Scheduler  

Do you always post real-time? But what if you are busy? Does that mean you won’t be posting anything? 

If you must know, people easily get turned off if your business pages aren’t updated. And that is why you need to post regularly. Your busy schedule shouldn’t be an issue because there are available schedulers to use. At least with such tools, you can post in advance and continue doing other stuff for your business and school.  

Stop Overly Promoting Your Business  

More often than not, business owners tend to overly promote their product or services on social media. But that’s a huge mistake. When people see that you are posting nothing but how amazing your product is, there’s going to be a drawback. They will eventually unfollow your accounts, which of course, narrows your sales funnel.  

When you create posts, make sure that it’s a mix of promotion and other things. Make it valuable for your market. Give tips related to your industry. Create memes that can bring a smile on one’s face. Or maybe create inspiring videos.  

User-Generated Content  

Now, speaking of content, you can use what your followers are posting. And of course, don’t forget to ask for their approval and give credit to them. The likelihood your posts getting shared will be higher with this technique.  

Choose The Right Platform For Your Business  

There are many social media platforms today. We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and new ones that emerge from time after time. But should you use it all?  

The answer is NO. You must understand which platforms are being used by your market and you focus on these. Plus, remember that a strategy on Facebook might not work well on Instagram.  

Check The Performance Of Your Posts  

You won’t be able to know the best strategy if you are not looking at the performance of your posts. Different social media platforms usually have analytics reports. From there, you can already see which posts are working well with your market. Analyze this and fine-tune your strategy based on that.  

If you already plotted your content, then make some adjustments. That’s the beauty of technology. You can see results in an instant, and make amendments right away.  

Use Original Photos  

We understand that there are a lot of great stock photos online and it can be tempting to use these. But we recommend that as much as you can, don’t. Since these are free to use, many people are using the same photos. And how can you stand out in that case?  

If you have no choice or you don’t have a media library just yet, make sure to tweak your photos. Edit it or add some texts.  

But as early as now, take random photos everywhere. Who knows if you can use that for your posts? Or ask your good friends who are also amazing at taking photos to help you.  

Don’t Be Afraid To Pay For Boosts  

As a business owner, you should learn where and when to spend your money. Boosting some of your posts could help your business. It’s an investment you should consider.   

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