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How To Turn A Failing Math Class Into an A or B

A fear of math often materializes as kids enter their teenage years. This may happen for several reasons. Teens often become more interested in their social lives, which can interfere with their schoolwork. They are more likely to lose interest in challenging subjects like math, which about this time becomes more complex. In high school and beyond, some students begin to lag behind in their math studies and soon abandon interest in studying it seriously. The further in education they go, the more removed they become from math success. By the time these students enter college, they avoid math as much as possible and tend to earn low or failing grades in the courses they do take. However, there are several things a weak math student can do to turn a failing math course into A or B level grades.

Talk to the Instructor

Let the instructor know that you are struggling with the class. He or she probably knows that if you have turned in assignments that were weak or failing. But your honesty and interest in doing better will enable the instructor to work with you by providing more explanation, sample problems, or other ways of improving your grades.

Join a Math Group

On many campuses, students who struggle with math band together to help each other work on assignments. This does not involve plagiarism, but just a session of talking about the homework assignments and readings as well as helping each other to understand the assigned problems and math concepts. Instructors not only approve of these groups but often recommend or help to organize them.

Find a Study Buddy

If a group is not available or you prefer a one-to-approach to homework, you can probably find a classmate who can help you with the parts you don’t understand. Conversely, you may be able to assist that student with the concepts that you are more comfortable with. Having someone to discuss the readings, the lectures, and the homework with can make the math course seem more accessible and less intimidating. As a result, you will possibly learn more and be able to start turning those failing grades into passing grades.

Work with a Campus Tutor

Most college campuses provide learning resources like math tutoring for students who are struggling. Tutors are often given sample assignments at the beginning of the semester by the instructor to prepare for students who are not doing well. A tutor can help to explain the readings and review assignments to help students understand what is required in terms of problem solving and how they can work the problems correctly.

Use Math Resources

Campus learning centers also generally have available resources like supplemental readings, print tutorials, and videos to help students better grasp certain math courses or concepts. These can be used at the learning center or often borrowed for a few days, similar to using library materials.

Getting extra support with math courses can make the difference between success and failure. Students who are experiencing anxiety or performing poorly in math courses should consider taking advantage of these support resources to turn their grades around.

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