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How To Throw A Thanksgiving Party For College Students

You may be thinking of throwing a Thanksgiving party for college students but don’t know how to start. Let us give you some ideas on how to do it with a blast.

Thanksgiving is the most anticipated season for college students, not only because it is their time to breathe, to relax for a while, and go home to their families. It must be celebrated. Whether you are doing it with your family or friends, the most important idea is you are with the people you cherish.

After being torpedoed by the ideas you searched on the internet, and yet it still looks murky, here are the steps you can follow for a smooth flowing party this coming Thanksgiving.

Plan ahead! There’s no harm in doing it as early as you can.

Write a list of invitees

It is vital to check on people you are considering to invite. Therefore, you can prepare for the budget, or you can do it vice versa. It is easier to decide on other details once you are settled on that matter. It’s going to be fun to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family and friends though it may cost you a bit, However, happy moments will always be treasured and priceless. Plus, it can always be a potluck.

Choose a Unique Venue

After knowing the number of people to celebrate with you, you can now choose the location. If it is for a simple dinner with your family, then there’s no better place to celebrate it in your home. But if you are considering a bigger number, you might rent a private place to accommodate all. Of course, we understand that you want to stretch your budget. Why don’t you look for unique places such as warehouses or old abandoned buildings? Quite odd, yes, but will certainly add spice to your party. 

Select a Theme

You must select a theme. This is so your party will look more visually appealing for the ‘gram.’ Plus, it will also help you set the party’s mood. A little request to your guest to wear the theme color is usually not too much for them. So why not give it a shot? 

Make a Party Menu

You have to plan on your menu that college students will indulge in. Since Thanksgiving is a feast, aside from the traditional roasted turkey, you can make it nonconventional by serving desserts in turkey shape? Have a twist! Any home-cooked meal will be appreciated since college students really missed it. 

If all things fail, pizza is the way to go. 

One thing also to remember is to do your grocery shopping as early as you can to avoid the crowd and panic when you missed out on an ingredient in your menu or decorations for your theme. 

After you decide on your invitees, venue, and menu, you have to think of the party per se. What are the things you picture out during the celebration?

To make it more memorable do not forget our next ideas that will be exciting and interesting.

Prepare Party Games

After being stuffed, it is their time to burn some calories and make them busy.  This will put your guests into their game zone and bring out their competitive side. They will surely get a blast by enjoying not only the food but the entire get-together. You can prepare games in categories if you also invite your family with kids and oldies so they can also participate and enjoy. 

Don’t Forget the Booze

Come’ on. Thanksgiving won’t be complete without seeing someone showing their hidden talents after they got a bit tipsy! It is just once a year, so make it full of memories. Besides, it is not often to gather your family and friends in the same place at the same time. College students will surely have a bang and forget about their hectic college life for a while.

Have a Unique Hashtag

Thanksgiving is a momentous event that is meant to be captured and shared. One way to collate them all is by using a unique hashtag on social media. You can check it right away when they upload it. You don’t have to ask them one by one. 

If in case you missed out on anything after all the preparations, you don’t have to feel bad. It is not supposed to be perfect but rather to be special. It’s not about the food on your table but rather the people around it. It is about the stories that will be told and the laughters that will be shared. It is about reaching the people you are most thankful for. 

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