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How To Tell Your Parents You Failed Your Course, College Guide

The semester has finally ended, and time for your much-needed R and R. Done with the sleepless nights of studying and doing projects and homework. No need to wake up early to catch your class. All you can think about now is walking on the beach or where to go with your friends and loved ones.  

And just when you are about to plan your next destination, it hits you. Before you can start your holiday getaway, you still have to face one final thing. How will you tell your parents that you failed your course? 

Telling your parents that you failed is one of the most daunting experiences any college student might face. You start to have that odd feeling in your stomach and your dream of having that tequila on your hand while having the time of your life starts to fade away. 

Well, here are some tips and tricks on how you can spill the beans without getting into trouble.

It’s Not The End Of The World

First things first, if you found out that you failed your course, we will tell you that it is not the end! 

Take it from the quote of Thomas Edison, who said, “ I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways on how not to do it.” 

Do not do anything that you would regret in the future. Look at this as a learning experience for you, and let it be a reminder that the road to success has its obstacles, but eventually – all can be conquered.

Spend Time At Home

Put your holiday plans on hold first and prioritize time with your parents. For sure, it has been a while since you have spent time with them, and they definitely miss you as well. Try to set the mood and be on their good side first.

What you would not want to happen is for them to find out that you prioritize going out before even telling the ugly truth to them. 

Be Honest

Remember the saying, “Honesty is the best policy”? There is no other way to go around this but to tell them the truth. Yes, you might get a few words from them, but that is just how parents are. It’s a normal reaction and it’s usually out of concern. 

Making up stories and excuses would just make things worse. Let’s just say we have our own experiences to back this up. Believe us when we tell you that your parents would appreciate you not lying to them. It’s better for them to find out the news while they still have time to help you out, rather than holding things back and just telling them when it’s already too late.

Parents Know Your Game 

You might often hear your parents say,” Been there, done that.” It is true – your parents have been students as well, so they practically understand how things work. They know if you are making things up, or trying to hide your fault. 

Be sincere in what you say to them. Explain what happened and what you think you did wrong. Tell them your future plans and how you would try not to commit the same mistake again. 

If they can see and feel that you are sorry, they would understand your situation.

Face The Consequences Bravely

Different parents would handle things differently. Some might impose harsher punishments compared to others. This is the consequence of your actions so just take it and learn from it. 

What you need to look forward to is how you are going to make things better for yourself. Yes, there might be a chance that you’ll miss out on that holiday you are planning to go to, but that is just a minor setback. 

What’s important is that you have been honest not just to your parents but also to yourself. This is what will help you go a long way into your future.

Simply put, do not make things too complicated. It is normal that people fail. We are humans, and we make mistakes – that’s our nature. What you learn from your mistakes and how you will react to them is what’s important.  

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