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How To Take Care Of Your Dental Health, College Guide

You might find it odd to read a title about dental health on this platform. But we have to tell you, there are so many college students who neglect their dental health for several reasons. But quite frankly, most of these reasons are not valid. Even if you are too busy with reports and exams, taking care of your teeth and gums is crucial. Come to think of it. It’s not easy to focus on your lectures with an aching tooth! That would be a nightmare.   

In today’s post, let’s share with you some of the practical tips to take care of your teeth. You’ve probably known most of these already. But some simple reminders wouldn’t hurt too. So, let’s get to it.   

Properly Brush Your Teeth   

Of course, this is a no-brainer. However, did you know that there is indeed a proper way of brushing teeth? According to professionals, make sure that you aim at the area where your teeth and gums meet. You should brush your teeth in a circular motion and it has to be gentle. Doing it harshly can obviously damage your gums.   

Choose The Right Type Of Toothpaste   

If possible, use fluoridated water and use toothpaste with fluoride. It’s best to ask your dentist or a professional about which brand that will work best for you.  

Remember, we have different dental conditions and a product that works for some might cause you some troubles. Even if you see it from influencers, do not believe it right away. Again, everything that pertains to health should be consulted with professionals.   

Visit Your Dentist At Least Once A Year  

We have 365 days a week. What’s a day to schedule an appointment with your dentist? This is a must even if you think you don’t have problems or if you don’t have dentures. Have it checked before any issues arise.   

Stay Away From Alcoholic Drinks   

We know college weekends can be filled with parties, but if you wish to protect your dental health, you must limit your alcohol intake. Well, you can always have fun and enjoy even without your cocktails or beers. At least you can still flash that perfect smile for years to come.   

Watch Out For Dry Mouth   

If you are taking certain medications, it can cause dry mouth. If this happens to you, please consult with your doctor to have it changed. Or if it can’t be done, then just always have water with you. Hydration is the key. Also, you may chew on sugarless gum.¬†¬†¬†

Don’t Forget to Floss   

You see, and as you probably know already, brushing your teeth isn’t enough. There are certain areas in your mouth which your brush will not be able to reach. The best solution is to floss, and you have to do so once a day.   

Take note that when your plaque stays in between your teeth, it can eventually turn into tartar.   

Use Mouthwash   

You should include mouthwash in your regular grocery shopping list. But you have to choose the right one. What we recommend is an anti-bacterial mouthwash. Or if you can get one that has both fluoride and antibacterial properties, then that’s way better.   

Eat The Right Food   

For years, we are always reminded to eat the right foods. But it’s not just to maintain a healthy weight or to stay mentally fit. The food you eat can affect your dental health so you have to be picky. As a rule of thumb, avoid foods that have starches and sugars. These foods can cause food decay since more often than not, we do not brush right after our snacks.   

Consider Dental Sealants   

Have you heard about dental sealants? The objective of this is to coat the top surfaces of your back teeth. According to experts, this could protect your teeth from decay.   

Avoid Toothpick   

We’re pretty sure that this comes as a surprise but you should avoid using a toothpick. If you are not too careful enough, you might hurt your gum and this could be a breeding ground for bacteria.  

Keep Your Dental Tools Clean   

And of course, make sure that your toothbrush and other tools are always clean. Specifically, for your brush, you need to rinse it and have it air-dried before using it again. If the bristles are getting bad, then you have to throw it away and have it replaced. 

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