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How to take a study break: 6 tips for managing your study

Study time is one of the most important aspects of a college student’s schedule. Many faculty recommend that students plan to spend twice as much time studying as they spend in the classroom. However, it is important to balance out-of-class assignments with other scheduling college needs. Here are six tips to help you set up an efficient homework plan with essential study breaks.

Organize Your Schedule

Don’t just assume that you can make time for study and homework when needed. Set aside a certain time several days per week to take care of course readings, research, and assignments. Try to follow your study schedule consistently, which will make it easier to get into a regular program of study.

Designate a Study Area

Create an exclusive study area in your dorm room or at home. Avoid doing other things in that area that may distract you from homework. Recreational activities like videogames or keeping up with social media can sometimes lead to misplaced assignments or dwindling study time. Make homework a priority to keep your grades up. Choose a place that has adequate lighting and good ventilation.

Arrange Everything that is Needed

Your study area should include desk space for writing, a computer area for research and online reading, and a collection of pens, pencils, paper, and other assignment supplies that will be needed. Folders, paper clips, and a stapler can be stored nearby for work that requires collation of that type. Keep an extra printer cartridge handy so you don’t run out of printing ink just before the assignment is due. In fact, avoid procrastination!

Minimize Distractions

Try to set up your study area and time when roommates or family members are less likely to be nearby doing noisy things like playing loud music or watching movies. Walk your dog before starting an assignment so he or she doesn’t beg to go out later. Choose background music, if any, that is motivational or relaxing.

Have a Backup Plan

Despite our best-laid plans, things sometimes happen unpredictably. You might get surprise concert tickets or an unexpected chance to go home for a long weekend. You could end up with the flu, but hopefully not. A roommate might bring a younger sibling to stay in the dorm a few days for a campus tour and visit. Know in advance what your Plan B will be if your study routine is derailed. It happens to everyone, but don’t plan on randomly catching up when you can. Have an alternate study place or extra study time in mind in case you have to change your plans at the last minute.

Take Routine Breaks

In your admirable quest to be successful, you might schedule four-hour study blocks each weekday. But it’s more realistic to plan three to five hours and take breaks every hour or so. Your eyes and your mind need a few minutes away to relax and then refocus. Your body will appreciate the opportunity to get up and move around at various times during your planned study.

By planning your study time in advance, you will be ready to tackle the work that comes with college courses. Instead of taking a cavalier approach that may hit a dead end, stay on top of your workload with an efficient study plan.

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