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How To Survive College Amidst Quarantine 

The pandemic has affected the majority of the world’s population. Least to say, we all need to adjust. But as a college student, what are the ways to survive and thrive this pandemic? If you wish to learn more, then keep on reading this post.  

Establish A Daily Routine 

We highly recommend that you start creating a routine. Fill your schedule with productive activities so you will not be idle. This is not to say that you shouldn’t leave room for relaxation. However, the reason why we want you to create a schedule is that for you to always have something to look forward to, and that you will stay active.  

Talk To Your Professors  

In terms of your classes, it would help if you reach out to your professors, most especially if you need tips on how to understand complex lessons. Even if you are doing online classes, your instructors will still allot time for their ‘office hours’. You better take note of this and message them if necessary.  

Look For New Hobbies  

Even if you will be required to submit reports and exams as part of your college requirements, we suggest that you find new things to do. Many people have engaged themselves in cooking, baking, and gardening. You see, it’s always healthy to learn new things. Plus, this could be a great break for you.  

And if you are lucky enough, you can turn your hobbies into a full business. That’s not a bad idea considering the global economic condition.  

Release Your Negative Emotions Through Writing  

It is normal to feel a bit sad during this pandemic. Quite frankly, no one can tell when this will end. But such constant thoughts can affect your overall well-being.  

Here’s what we recommend for you.  

Why don’t you try to release these negative thoughts through writing? It’s a brilliant idea to keep a journal and to organize your thoughts.

Have A Gratitude Journal  

Aside from writing your negative thoughts, it is also healthy if you keep a journal detailing the things you are thankful for. Yes, the pandemic has altered the way we live, and most of us are struggling. But if you keep on finding things that you could be thankful for, you would realize that you are still lucky.  

Reach Out To Your Loved Ones  

In these trying times, you should check if your families and friends are doing ok. It’s good that we have the technology, and you can easily call them up.  

Hearing familiar voices can calm your nerves and you can be more productive.  You can even think of online activities to engage more people. 

Don’t Forget To Exercise  

With your busy schedule, you might think that it isn’t possible to squeeze in time to workout. But sweating and flexing those muscles is necessary to stay sane.  

If you can’t leave your homes, then doing dance routines should do you just fine. There are a lot of YouTube videos to follow.   

Or perhaps, doing yoga is more appropriate for your lifestyle. The bottom line is, you need to make time so you can exercise.  

Practice Good Sleeping Habits  

We know that many college students are now addicted to watching TV series and movies – thanks to Netflix. But if you lack sleep, it will be harder to be productive the next day. And that can ultimately affect your mood. As much as you can, try not to stay up late. If you want to watch a lot of TV series and movies, then you can schedule it earlier or perhaps, during the weekends.  

Read Inspiring Books  

Since you are practically staying at home, you now have more time to read books. There are many available eBooks, but if you want the traditional ones, that’s good too.  

Your objective is to improve your bank of knowledge, so we suggest reading topics not just according to your interest, but other niches too.  

Attend Online Courses  

And since we are already talking about improving your knowledge, you might want to take advantage of online courses. This will allow you to add skills. These skills can be used even after you graduate from college.  

You see, while the pandemic limits our mobility, we are fortunate enough to have advanced technology. You must use your time wisely. As cliché as this may sound, this too shall pass. And while we are waiting for things to be better, you need to improve yourself.  

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