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How To Study Effectively When You Are Lazy, College Tips

If you are a self-confessed lazy person, don’t worry as many college students are just like you. But just so you know, your laziness will not get you anywhere. You still have to study, do your homework, pass your exam, and finish your degree.

It’s a good thing though that you are trying to read this post. That means, you want to get help. And with that, we shall go straight to the tips and provide you techniques on how you can study even if you are lazy.  

Look For A Place Where You Are Comfortable  

First of all, you have to find a place where you can focus, and at the same time be comfortable. It doesn’t matter where because this is your personal preference. 

If you think the library is the best option for this, then go ahead. If coffee shops are good for you, then you can study there. How about your school grounds or a conference room that is not yet booked? Again, this is up to you. 

While others would like to study in their dormitories, this could be challenging because your bed is just right beside you. It could be tempting to just sleep, and we know for a fact that many are guilty of this.   

If you have no choice, we recommend that you face a different direction so that you will not see your bed. Another option is to put curtains to block your sight.  

Create A Study Plan  

It’s also effective that you create a study plan at the onset. Try to gauge which subjects you are having trouble with, and dedicate more time for it. For others, you can be more relaxed and allot lesser effort. But by creating a study plan, you know the next course of action and that means, you can exert the right energy for the right subjects.  

Have A Study Buddy Or Join A Study Group  

If you think there is so much to read and understand, it’s logical if you join a group or ask for a study buddy. But please, if you are to take this path, make sure that you are not a parasite. Make sure that if they dedicate a subject or topic to you, you will do your job and share your thoughts about it. It should be a collaborative effort.  

The good thing about study groups is that you get to learn more ideas in a shorter span of time. Thus, making it perfect if you are a lazy person.  

Break Down Big Tasks To Smaller Subtasks  

One of the reasons why we procrastinate is because we see a task as something massive. But here’s a good technique. For example, if you have a hard subject to study, break it down into smaller pieces. Try to understand each concept every day. And when you are ready, you can try to understand the entire principle. This is way easier than just trying to study everything in one go. Trust us, this is less stressful and it’s more effective as you retain more information.  

Stay Away From Distractions  

You probably know this but it’s worth reiterating.  

If you want to study and if you wish to be productive, you should stay away from distractions. Now, what are these distractions? We’re talking about your cell phones, your Netflix, even your food. What you can do is set a timer where you are compelled to hyper-focus. And when the timer is done, you can do other things which are not related to studying. You also need that short rest so your brain will be more than ready to study once again

Go Back To Your Motivation  

When your laziness kicks in, one of the ways to combat it is to go back to your motivation. See why you are studying in the first place.  

  • Is it because you want to have a better future?  
  • Is it because you want to help your family?  
  • Is it because you want to prove something?  

Whatever it is, you must hold on to that. A good idea is to paste it on your wall or use it as your background for your laptop. That way, you will always be reminded of your reason why you are in the university.  

This is not an overnight success. You have to be diligent enough, and you need to be committed to changing your ways. Otherwise, you will just be the same lazy person who can’t finish a task on time. And if that character is embedded in you, it will be harder to survive in the real world. So, just think about it.  

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