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How To Stay Productive During Pandemic, College Tips   

The coronavirus has indeed changed the course of the globe. And for some people, they would rather wait for things to be better before acting on something. However, let’s not waste time and stay productive even during the health crisis. And once things are better, you already have leverage. Here are the things you can do to stay productive.   

Have A Daily Routine   

It could be tempting to just lounge on your couch and watch movies for several hours. However, it would help if you create a routine. Write it down and stick to your schedule. For example, you should meditate first thing in the morning. By lunch, you should be reviewing your notes or attending an online course. And by afternoon, you can try to call up your families and friends.   

Have A Work or Study Area   

If you keep on staying on your bed, you are likely to do nothing. We recommend that you set up a nice work or study area so you can condition yourself. This will allow your brain or gears to function. It doesn’t even matter if you have a huge room that you can convert or just a small area where you can add a table.   

Dress Up   

We know it’s extremely comfortable to be in your PJs the entire day. However, if you want to be productive, we encourage you to dress up. Change into your pants or dress, or even put on makeup. It should make you feel that you are not stuck at home.   

Think About What You Want To Learn   

Perhaps, you want to know something new that you had no time to learn because of your busy schedule. This pandemic could be the perfect time to work on it. There are several online classes available for everyone, and this can be taken at your own pace.   

Keep Yourself Motivated   

We know that most plans were parked because of the coronavirus. But that doesn’t mean that our lives stopped. If you want something that bad and it keeps you motivated, hold on to that. Maybe you have big dreams that you are chasing after. Write it down. Put it in a place where you can see it. And keep on doing activities to reach it, no matter how small steps you think these are.   

Look for Potential Employers   

During the pandemic, you can try to research the best employers fit for your skills. Write them down and see what are the qualifications. That way, you can focus on these skills and improve them.   

Start Your Portfolio And Your Resume   

A productive way to kill time is to start working on your portfolio and your resume. Most college students will work on it at the last minute, or if they are looking for a job. But we encourage you to do it as early as now. There are several software, apps, and websites where you can build both your portfolio and resume. Start learning these platforms and before you know it, you already have a portfolio that employers will surely appreciate.   

Look For Part-Time Jobs Online   

Some people think that there is no room for employment as the economy is still recovering. But there are still a lot of employers hunting for the right candidates. You may start looking for a part-time job online so you don’t have to leave your home. Or, you can offer freelancing services.  At least you can earn money and you have a first-hand experience of how it feels to work – for real.  

Assess Your Life   

Since most of us cannot go out, you can take this opportunity to evaluate your progress in life. Just take a moment to see where you are right now, and what things you need to improve on. This can help you create a better game plan.   

Don’t Forget To Reward Yourself   

Who says you have to stop treating yourself during the pandemic? While we don’t recommend going shopping at the mall or eating at your favorite restaurant, you can do all the transactions online. Shop over the internet and have your food delivered.   

Experts say that a major crisis happens after every 8 – 10 years. And we can always surpass it. If you feel hopeless because most things have stopped, don’t worry. This will be over. While we are waiting for it, make sure you continue improving yourself.    

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