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How To Stay Organized While Studying In College  

If you start being organized at the onset, you would soon realize that it’s easier to pass your subjects in college. And that is why we created this quick guide to help you stay organized. Let’s cut the introduction and go straight to the tips, shall we?   

Check Your Syllabus   

On the first days of school, your professors will provide you with your syllabus. Look for the recommended books and scout for those as early as you can. That way, you can always do an advanced reading. And you can easily work on reports and assignments.   

Another tip is to look for second-hand books. These are generally cheaper than brand new ones. We understand that sustaining a college education can be financially draining, and you have to be practical and resourceful.   

Have A Planner That You Can Bring Every Time And Everywhere   

We highly recommend that you bring a planner with you all the time. Having said that, get something that is compact. That way, you can immediately write down plans. Multiple planners can cause confusion and that is why we encourage you to only have one. But of course, if you are comfortable using your smartphone, then that should do you good too. The digital calendar is not so bad as you can synch it on different devices. And as we all know, most college students now are using their laptops or tablets on a regular basis.  

Create Your To-Do List The Night Before   

Most people use a to-do list so that they can condition themselves for the day. Instead of doing it first thing in the morning, you can list down your tasks the night before. That way, you can spend the early hours meditating or enjoying a good cup of coffee. Being relaxed first thing in the morning can help you become more productive. And that can essentially help you organize things better. You can write your tasks manually, or you can use software such as Trello or Asana to help you.   

Place Your Academic Calendar Where You Can See It   

To be able to schedule your activities accordingly, you must also plot them according to your academic schedule. In that case, have a huge calendar in your room where you can easily spot the vacant days. Even if you have a digital planner, seeing a huge calendar with notes could be more effective. Make sure to take note of the most important days during the school year. This includes your class times, meetings with a study group, clubs, or professors, payment due dates, examinations, and even school breaks.   

Color Code Your Notes   

Many college students get confused as to which subjects they are already studying or working on. To avoid that from happening, you can use color coding for your notes. Highlighters or sticky notes should do you just fine. Or if there are assignments or exams that you have to work on, then maybe you can use a red note to emphasize its importance and urgency.   

Get An Organizer or Folder   

You probably have a lot of handouts or materials for different subjects. In that case, we recommend that you separate these from one another. Get a folder where you can stack all the materials and arrange them accordingly.   

The same goes for your online materials. You can use Google Drive or One Drive to store everything, from the handouts down to your reports. At least you only have one place to look at in case you need to pull it out.   

Get A Bag With Compartments   

When buying a bag for college, get something that has multiple compartments. That way, you can easily organize your school supplies. You will have a separate compartment for your gadgets, notebooks, books, wallet, and even pens.   

Evaluate Your Organization Skills   

And of course, you have to check if your technique works well. You see, there are tips that could work for you. However, there might be some that are not fit for your lifestyle. Once in a while, check if what you are doing benefits you. You can always change your organizational technique based on what you need. See if most activities you’ve listed in your to-do were accomplished.   

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