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How To Stay Healthy After The Holidays?

Let’s admit it. Most of us overate last holiday and didn’t bother to work out. But as we all know, we need to get back in shape especially since you have lectures to study and projects to finish. The question now is, how are you going to do it? 

This article will share with you a few tips on how you can bounce back after the holidays. 

Stay Away From Quick Fixes 

Maybe you want to lose some pounds. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it fast. We never recommend quick fixes because that can do more harm than good. It is always better to look for sustainable diets that you can commit to for months or even years to come. 

Stop Being Guilty For That Weight Gain 

Most people feel bad about gaining weight over the holidays and it sometimes leads to depression. If that happens, it would be harder to focus on your goals and you’d end up slacking. Instead, embrace and acknowledge that you have eaten more than what you should and start from there. 

Do Your Own Groceries 

If you want to become healthy, then you have to know and see what you eat. The problem when you always eat out or order food is that you do not have an idea of what goes into the recipe. Right now, make it a habit to prepare your own food. You would be surprised how easy it is to create meals. There are several online resources for this. 

When buying your foods, don’t forget to read the labels so you know you are picking the right choices. Also, stay away from sections where you can find chocolates, candies and junk foods. We all know those are not going to help you in your journey. 

As college students, preparing your food is not only healthy, it’s cost-efficient too. 

Wake Up Earlier Than Your Usual 

Since you will be preparing your meals, you should allot time for it. It doesn’t have to be an hour in advance but a few minutes will do. If you want, you can prepare your meals at night to save time in the morning. Just know which works best for your schedule. 

Don’t Overly Rely On Your Weighing Scale

One of the reasons people are getting frustrated when losing weight is that they always check their weight. STOP! 

In most cases, the number on the scale isn’t accurate due to water retention and bloating. Instead, focus on doing what is best and you would soon see the results. 

Track Your Activities 

Instead of tracking your weight, it’s best if you just track your activities for the day. See if you followed your food diet or if you have exercised accordingly. Writing it down can push you to commit to living a healthier lifestyle. 

Be Smart With Your Snacks 

Some people deliberately stay away from snacks thinking that this will help them lose weight. However, what is important is that you choose the right foods to manage your hunger. Look for low-calorie snacks that are high in protein and fiber. Yogurt with berries, carrots and whole-grain crackers are good choices.  

Improve Your Sleeping Habits 

This might seem like an odd advice, but improving your sleep can also help you with your weight journey. On average, you need to have at least seven to nine hours of sleep. This should benefit your memory and mood. In addition, lack of sleep means you might crave caffeine which can also add to your daily calories. 

Don’t Overdo Your Workout 

Perhaps, you are tempted to overwork yourself and exercise for hours until you get exhausted. Don’t do that because it might lead to injuries. And when you are injured, you will have to rest for days and it’s harder to get back to your routine. Take it easy and slowly. 

If you easily get bored with your workout, you can do other things as well to stay physically active. For example, you can go on a hike or swim. Before you know it, you are stronger and fitter already. 

Make It A Habit To Hydrate 

Remove your post-holiday bloat by drinking enough water. While many of us believe that eight glasses a day should work, drinking more is better. Always carry a water bottle with you instead of buying one every time.  

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