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How To Start The Year With A Bang, University Student Guide      

As the year 2020 is ending, it’s about time that we think of ways on how we are going to start 2021 right. We understand that this can be a challenge, especially with all the pandemic and economic struggles this year. And so, let us help you plot some of the best things you can do to start the year with a bang. As a college student, you need to remain optimistic so you can finish your degree, hopefully, smooth sailing.   

Build Your Vision Board   

Some of you might think that creating a vision board is for kids. But you know what, even successful people practice this. If you are a believer in the law of attraction, then creating a board where you can be reminded of what you want in life can certainly help.    

But of course, having a vision board isn’t enough. You need to plan and write a course of action. For example, you want to get outstanding grades for your subjects. Then you need to be specific on things which you need to do. Are you going to have study habits? Or are you about to look for a good study group?       

Don’t Forget To Take A Break       

We know that once the school comes back, you will have tons of reports and homework to finish. But right now, give yourself time to breathe. Relax and just forget about your university life. However, make sure to list down the things you need to accomplish before the school resumes. That way, you can condition yourself when you only have a few days left.   

If you are going back to your hometown, set a meeting with your friends. Have coffee with them or hang out in your favorite park. As much as we want to suggest having a party, the global health crisis will not allow you to do so. The beauty of this is that you are only able to meet people whom you care about.    

Declutter And Get Some Cash       

Since you have a lot of spare time on your hands, you can clean up your closet and take out things that you won’t use. You can either donate it or you can sell it online. The spare cash can be used to get new things. For example, do you need to upgrade your laptop for work? Or if you are planning to have a business, then you can add the money for your capital.    

Start Living Healthily      

Most people would include ‘to live a healthier lifestyle’ in their New Year’s resolution, but only a few are committed.    

You don’t have to make drastic changes if that’s too much for you. For example, you can start by having regular workout sessions. Have a quick run or yoga time every day. Or if you want, you can try learning how to cook healthy foods. You can take one step at a time and do the same when you get back to the university. Trust us, eating the right food, and starting a work out routine can improve your school performance.    

Disconnect From The Digital World       

We are now glued to our gadgets whether it is our mobile phones, our computers, or our tablets. What you can do to kick start the year right is to disconnect from the online world for now. Take time to be with nature. Go out, hike, or camp. If you are not an outdoor person, then you can simply read a book which you haven’t finished for a long time.    

Going offline is good for your mental health as well.    

Clean Up Your Social Media       

As a young person, you might be posting a lot of things on social media that are quite crazy. And as early as now, we recommend that you clear your accounts. That way, you can prepare when the time comes that you have to apply for a job. If you must know, hiring managers have a way of checking your online profile. So you have to be careful with what you post.    

Likewise, it’s time to clean up your friends’ list. If you have accepted people whom you don’t know personally, maybe you need to delete them for security purposes.     

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