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How To Start An EBook While In College

Many college students would like to do something grand while they are still in the university. And that’s a good thing because that means you are maximizing your time in the university. With this, you can reap the rewards sooner or later.

For some, it could be establishing their own organization or business, while others would like to start their own eBook.  

Now, if you want to start your own eBook, here are the things that you have to consider. Hopefully, this article could help you publish your own book, and be able to help other people with your content. And at the same time, your book could be an instrument if you wish to land a good job in the future.  

Think Of Your Topic  

This could be the most challenging part.  

You need to identify what you want to write about. However, we suggest that you start with topics that you’re passionate about. If you love travelling, then write about it. if you love arts then maybe you could focus on that. If you want to write about self-help, then that’s a good niche too 

What matters most is that you will dedicate your time to do your research, and that you are committed to finish the book.  

It’s a great idea if you create a schedule and a deadline for yourself so you will be motivated to complete the entire thing.  

Outline Your Subtopics  

Next, you have to create an outline for your eBook. Again, this will take a lot of time, but if you are going to organize your thoughts and write your outline, it will be easier to do your research and you can provide better content.  

And speaking of research, there are a lot of sources where you can get information. Of course, there are online ones – that’s a good start. But you have to dig deeper and look at the books available offline. And also, you can interview resource persons so you can have expert opinion.  

Write Your eBook  

Now that you have all your resources and materials, you can already start writing. Don’t worry too much about your speed. If you start slow, you will eventually get the hang of it. Also, there are people who consider themselves slow writers. Unless you are working with a publisher where you have agreed to finish on a specific date, then you have to comply. But if you are doing it for personal reasons, then just relax.  

Let’s be clear here. Even if you are doing your eBook as a personal project, you still need to be disciplined. Thus, let’s emphasize the importance of schedule and deadline.  

Also, it would help if you dedicate a specific time per day to write your book. It doesn’t matter if it’s half an hour or two. As long as you make it a habit, it’s going to be easy to write. Plus, you would be surprised that you are already done with your book.  

Have It Proofread By A Different Person    

Even if you are a good writer, you should ask someone to take a look at your work. There might be errors that might not see if you do the proofreading yourself.  

And while Grammarly is there to catch some of the common mistakes, having someone read your draft is essential. You can get insights from them and be able to improve your eBook.  

Design Your eBook  

If you know how to layout an eBook, then you can also take on this role. But, we recommend that you ask someone to do it. Doing everything can be overwhelming and you still have your studies to focus.

There are probably other college students who are willing to take the job. Interview some and offer payment.  

And before they start the design for your eBook, you should have an idea of what you want for it to look like. Share them some inspirations, the color scheme that you want, down to the font that is perfect for your topic.  

Simply put, work closely with them so that the finished product will be according to your liking.  

Promote Your eBook  

Having your eBook is a great way to market yourself in the future. When you apply for a job, you can always include it in your resume. At least the employer or hiring manager will know that you are not just attending school to learn theories. They will see that you apply the concepts in real life.  

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