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How To Start A Small Talk, Tips For College Students

We couldn’t count the times that we have emphasized in our posts how important it is to start your network as early as college. And one of the best ways to kickstart everything is to have small talks. However, only a few people are good with this skill.   

Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Here are some of the ways you can start a small talk, without being too awkward.   

 So, shall we begin?   

What is Small Talk?   

When we say small talk, it generally refers to the informal type of conversation between people who are not familiar with each other just yet. This is ideal for social gatherings and other networking events.   

While some people are confident to start small talks, we understand that most are not comfortable doing it. Here’s your guide so you can start forming your network.   

Ask About Themselves

Here’s a trick. Most of us would like to talk about ourselves.   

Having said that, you can ask a person about how they are or what they do. As a rule of thumb, use open-ended questions. That way, you can still pick up a few subtopics that you can talk about as you go along the conversation.   

Master The Art Of Listening   

A good conversationalist is not just someone who talks well. You need to know how to proactively listen so that you can provide a better feedback. Plus, you have to remember that words are just a part of the entire conversation. You need to check the body language to understand the entire gist of what the other person is talking about.   

Keep Your Phone Inside Your Pocket   

We bet that when you feel awkward or uncomfortable, you would get your smartphone and start scrolling. However, if you wish to have a good small talk, you better unglue your hand from your device. Doing so can also attract people to initiate a conversation with you.   

Show Excitement   

If you are not used to having small talks, it can be nerve-racking. But you know what, take the opportunity to learn new things. Remember, everyone has something to share. And your experiences might be different from others. The more than you talk and engage yourself with other people, the more you can become wiser. Take advantage of it.   

Best Topics When You Are Having A Small Talk   

Here are some of the most popular topic if you wish to start a small conversation with a stranger.   

Recent Movies  

If you are a movie buff, and there’s a blockbuster movie still running, you can openly share your thoughts about it. Who knows if this is a common interest?   


Now, who doesn’t want to talk about travel? Ask them their favorite locations and tips. Likewise, share your experiences too. We’re pretty sure they will find it valuable.   

The Venue  

Say something about your current location. Do you think the space is beautifully designed for the conference? Do you think the booths and stages are strategically placed?   


Another favorite topic when having a small talk is about food. Most people love to eat, so it’s a safe topic to go around. If you are in a different country, you can ask them where to find the best local delicacies as well.    

With this, you are hitting two birds with one stone. You get to know the best places to eat, and you are establishing a network.   


You can also talk about work. But please, stay away from asking about the salary. That can be offensive to other people. Instead, you can ask them how it’s like to be in the industry. Or if you are interested to shift careers, then you can ask for advice.   

Best Questions For Small Talks   

  • How’s your day so far?   
  • Would you recommend a local eatery nearby?   
  • Do you think people should still be in that same industry or should they look or more options?   

Remember that not all people are open to small talks. If you feel that a person is trying to stay away from you, respect that. Don’t force them to be in a conversation that they are not comfortable with. There are still more people to talk to, and it’s better to have a conversation with someone who’s interested.   

Also, don’t forget to have your business cards ready. And yes, we recommend this even when you are still in college That way, you can already form a strong network even before you earn your degree.   

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