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How To Start A Graphic Design Agency From Your Dormitory? 

You’re a college student but you already wanted to stay ahead of the game. You’re thinking since graphic designing is your forte, then why not start a graphic design agency. Now your mind has been set but the next big question suddenly hits you, how? Worry no more as here are some tips on how you can start your graphic design agency from your dormitory.

It Is Not Impossible

Oftentimes the reason why people tend to hold back on pursuing their dream is simply because of fear. People tend to just relax and stay within their comfort zone and shy away from trying something new. 

If you plan to start your own studio, go for it. Just because you’re in your dormitory doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Anything is possible. What is good about a graphic design agency is it does not require that much capital. What it needs is talent, and a good sense of imagination.

Find Your Why

Why do you want to start your own agency? Is it for money or passion? Most entrepreneurs fall into the mistake of pursuing a career because of money. It is better to follow your passion and definitely, money will follow. What is good about this is that you will treat every day as if you are just doing a hobby and you’ll keep looking forward to it.

Choose The Right Set Of People You Will Work It

Since you will be starting your own, you have the authority and liberty to choose whom you want to bring in. Choose people who have the same passion and ideology as you do.

These are the people who are also brave enough to take that leap just like you.  That way it would be easier for all of you to work together as one. Stay away from negative people who think it would fail even before they even try it.

Know Your Value

When putting value on your service do due diligence. It’s bad to both under-evaluate and over-evaluate yourself. Do not be scared to negotiate your price. 

Remember that what you are offering to your future clients is quality. As a start-up, you will encounter losses. At times, you will have to swap skills in order for your company to grow. Whatever it may be, use it to influence your future work and make your company better.

Find A Good Mentor

A good business mentor would help you create decisions that are sometimes hard to do all by yourself. Find someone who has the experience and understands how the industry works. People who have been successful in what they do are usually the good people to seek advice from.

Work On Your Business Objectives

In the creative industry, people will get to know you because of your work. If you are a good designer then the quality of your craft is what people would admire. 

But focusing on working alone in a business is not the way if you want your business to grow. As a start up, yes you would be wearing a lot of hats as you tend to do everything all by yourself. However, you will eventually need to hire more people especially when the time comes that you’re starting to have multiple clients on your hands. 

You need to focus more on the business side of things such as forecasting, projections and business structures. It is good that you are hands on, but working “on” your business is always better than working “in” it.

Create A Business Plan

Just like any other business, you need to create a plan on how you can promote your agency and generate a steady stream of clients. Referrals can only bring you so far as you need to venture out outside your circle if you want your agency to flourish. 

List down all the things you plan then choose one that you would focus on first. That way, you would be able to do it properly rather than doing everything at the same time without accomplishing anything.

Take Criticism Positively

Everyone will make mistakes one way or another. Thomas Edison once said, “ I did not fail, I just found 2000 ways not to make a lightbulb. I only needed to find one way to make it work.”

What is important is what you will do after this setback. The best thing is to analyse and see what went wrong. This way, you will be able to avoid the same mistake again.

There you have it. Now get up, dress up, and go work on that dream of yours.

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