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How To Stand Out If You Are A Remote Intern

Because of the pandemic, more companies are looking for virtual interns. And if you are one of them, you might ask how can you stand out? How can you show them that you can be a part of their team in the future? If you don’t have an idea how to do this, then this post can certainly help you. Let’s share with you some of the most effective ways on how you can stand out even if you are working remotely.  

Stay Connected  

If you want to form a good working relationship with the employees, it is necessary that you stay connected. Know which platforms they are using for messaging each other. One of the most popular ones is Slack. The beauty of using Slack is that you can also download a mobile app and you can stay connected practically 24/7.  

But this doesn’t mean that you have to work non-stop. At least by having a mobile version of the software, you can instantly read urgent messages and work at the soonest logical time.  

And speaking of connection, you better have your LinkedIn profile ready. That way, you can already add the employees within the company. Trust us, this could help you land the actual job in the future. You can also leave recommendations there. We bet that they would appreciate it.  

Ask If They Need Help  

Don’t wait for them to give you projects and tasks. Instead, be proactive in asking if there is anything you can do. Or if they can’t think of any, try to come up with side projects which you think can help the team. Perhaps, you can update their client database. Or you can highly promote their social media pages among your friends in the university. There are so many things to do, and you just have to be observant.  

Be On Time  

Even if you are working remotely, most of the time, they will set a standard schedule for meetings and other updates. Make sure that you take note of that and don’t be late.  

Just in case something important comes up, always give a heads up to the necessary persons. Tell them in advance that you are going to miss a meeting. And don’t forget to ask about the recording of the meeting if it will be available.  

Ask For Points Of Improvement  

You should also ask your superiors for their feedback about the quality of work you are providing. This will leave an impression that you have a growth mindset and that you are always willing to improve. For example, you are tasked to make a presentation. Ask the people if it’s good enough or if there are things you need to revise.  

Build Other Skills  

Do you know what can make you stand out as well? It’s if you know various skills. So, in your free time, try to learn other things apart from your core responsibilities as an intern. Maybe you can study copywriting and help the company developer better caption on social media. Perhaps, get certificates and classes about SEO, just in case the company’s website is not yet visible on search engines.  Or just know basic graphic design and improve the marketing assets. 

There are so many things you can offer. And luckily, there are many resources online that could help you.  

Give It Your Best  

Even if you are not in a physical office, you should still deliver the best possible output. If you are given a deadline, make sure to commit. Or if you need to collaborate with other team members, message them if necessary.  

Take Note Of Your Milestones 

As a remote intern, you also have to record the projects you helped with, and how you were able to contribute. This will help you when making an assessment and you can evaluate how much you’ve learned from the experience.  

Wear Decent Clothes  

We understand that one of the advantages of working from home or remotely is that you can wear practically anything. But if you are reporting for work and you have meetings to attend to, it is still best to power dress. For ladies, if you wish to wear makeup, then go ahead. That way, you can condition yourself and be able to deliver in the most professional manner. 

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