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How to Stand Out as an Intern

When you have an internship, don’t treat it as just a part of your requirement to graduate, but rather a learning experience that will prepare you for the real world. While you’re at it, don’t waste time. If you are lucky enough to have been chosen as an intern in your dream company, that’s already your ticket for getting employed for real. But of course, that’s not going to be easy. You need to take the extra mile and get noticed. The question now is, how are you going to do it? Here are some of our best tips.   

Do Your Homework About the Company   

Most probably, you know a thing or two about the company. After all, you have been accepted as an intern. However, before your first day, try to brush your knowledge by reading the company’s most recent publications. This could come in handy when you are already doing your internship. It could be a great opener if you wish to make connections with people already working for them.   

Dress Appropriately   

We know this might sound too cliché, but you have to dress the part. You might think that you are just an intern, but looking professional even at the onset will have its perks. The hiring manager will be impressed seeing that you took the time to look ‘powerful.’   

Do you have to go over the top and buy designer clothes? Of course not. But if you can scout for great blazers and smart-looking trousers, you’re all good. And here’s another tip. If you don’t want to buy a lot of clothes, stick with the neutral ones and just learn how to mix and match.   

Treat it Like a Real Job   

One of the most common mistakes of interns is that they don’t take the responsibility seriously. But in order to stand out, you need to embrace the position and be open to learning new things.   

If a tasked is given to you, do it as if the company is in your hands. For example, you need to finish a proposal. Spend time doing your research. Don’t forget about grammar and spelling. These little things can have a great impact.   

Take Down Notes   

Whenever you are called for a meeting, no matter how important or unimportant it might seem, make sure to have your notes with you. Chances are, one of you will be assigned to send the minutes of the meeting. And no, you can’t rely on your mental notes for things like this.   

If you are allowed to audio record the meeting, you can do that as well. But make sure you ask permission first as the information to be discussed might be confidential.   

Bring Clothes for Special Occasions   

At times, you will be invited to special gatherings on short notice. You wouldn’t want to go to a fancy dinner in your smart casual look, would you? To avoid this from happening, always bring extra clothes perfect for these sudden invites. Trust us, your employer would be impressed knowing that you always come prepared.   

Start Networking but Know Your Boundaries   

Again, having an internship is a great way to build connections within the company. But you have to be careful and learn how to read people. Perhaps, some of them are not comfortable, and you have to maintain distance. Respect that. Don’t try to push yourself to them too much.   

Ask the Right Questions   

As an intern, there is so much room for you to learn. But you can’t grow your bank of knowledge if you will not ask. If there are things which you need to clarify, you can always reach out to your superior. They will appreciate that you went out of your way just to know more about the company. And yes, that’s a plus point for you.   

Yet again, don’t ask questions just for the sake of getting noticed.   

Suggest Initiatives   

You can suggest new projects even if you are an intern. In fact, some companies would encourage you to do so. If they allow you to propose a project, take it seriously. You can ask the employees about their ideas, and you can base your proposal from there. You see, you might think you have the brightest idea, but if it isn’t relevant to the actual workers, it will be useless.   

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