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How To Showcase Your Talent In Colleges And Universities

Most of the time, when asked in an interview, what is your talent? Students will reply, “I don’t have any talent, I can’t sing or I can’t dance.” But the thing is, talent is simply a strong characteristic that you have. It’s something you naturally do, think, or feel, and that can be used in a beneficial way. It is not necessarily being artistic and entertaining. 

Now, what is the essence of talent if it is merely hidden? As they say, talent is something innate to human beings. It is just a matter of how we showcase it. So let us give you some of the ways on how you can showcase your talent in colleges and universities. 

Grow and Show Your Talents 

How can you forge your talents and at the same time, let the world know that you have it? Read on to know more. 

Attend Special Classes

If you think that your talent is not yet in its full form, you may consider attending classes to further your knowledge and techniques.Usually, these classes will have their recital and that’s your gateway for showcasing your talent. 

It’s always good to improve whatever skills you have right now. After all, know that colleges and universities have a wide range of students from different places, so might as well find ways to stand out. 

Try Street Performance

Whether you want to dance, sing, paint or play instruments, one way to show your talent is through street performance in your campus or what they call “busking”. 

In this method, you just need to find a good spot to flaunt your talent without compromising other students who are geeking around. But make sure that your campus allows this. Otherwise, you’d be in so much trouble. 

Draw Attention Online

If you want to do something a little bit more creative, show it off using the internet. There are a lot of social media platforms where you can show your talents. We have Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even TikTok. Or if you want to personalize it, you can make your own website and upload your collection of videos exhibiting what you’ve got. You’d never know if it could go ‘viral’. 

Submit it to Your School Publication 

Just in case you have a talent in photography, you can always take photos of your campus and the students as well. You can never tell if your photographs will be chosen as one of the featured images in your school publication. 

Join Competitions

Obviously, not everyone who enters the competition will win. However, even if you don’t receive any of the big prizes, you can still benefit from the opportunity to challenge yourself. You’ll learn new things and develop new skills – and that is the best thing in competitions.

The most important thing to note is that your competition journey is a process, not an endpoint. So whatever the outcome, focus on what you’ve gained, and how to keep on developing.

Be a Volunteer

How about joining an organization and volunteer whenever they have events? You can sing for the elderly, teach children how to dance, or teach painting classes. Or perhaps, just bring your camera and take photographs. 

Sharing your gift is a way to give back to the world not because you have to but because it gives others an opportunity to learn, grow and advance in ways they have yet to experience.

Use Your Connections

Collaborating with others and building your network is one way of showcasing your talent. It is not bad to ask your seniors of the things they did to make things happen. In that idea, you can acquire guidance from the experts. They can also let you join them whenever they have events in or outside your campus. Get along with other alumni as well and you can only do that if you are humble enough to learn more.

Why Showcase Your Talents 

Showcasing talents is a way to build your confidence. It is something that no one can get from you. So, let it amplify. Doing it alongside studying will entice you to do good in your academics as well because you will not feel worn. After all, your talent can be your outlet. 

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