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How To Quit Stressing Over Finances With 5 Easy Tips

When you’re in college, the word ‘finances’ is not something you want to hear. If you’re like most college students, it makes you want to bang your head against the wall. However, if you want to defeat a problem in life, you need to tackle it head-on. Most people run from their problems, but you can separate yourself by taking action. Think of it as ripping a Band-Aid off. It’s painful for a second, but after that you feel relieved.

Prior to getting to How To Quit Stressing Over Finances With 5 Easy Tips, you should know that mindset is a big factor. This applies to most stresses in life. As first, you might tell yourself that you can’t control how you feel, but you would be lying to yourself. All you have to do is make a mental decision. For example, if you say to yourself, “There is so much more to life than money. I’m no longer going to let money ruin the way I feel,” then you are going to feel different. You made a decision to defeat the stressor.

Now let’s get to those 5 Easy Tips.

1. Get A Job You Enjoy

If you’re working at a job you hate, then you’re going to add stress to your life. This isn’t the path regardless of how much money you’re earning. If you’re not happy, what’s the point? If you’re at a job you love and the money is just enough to cover your expenses, that’s where you want to stay.

If you’re wondering how you will find a job you will enjoy, as well as how to avoid a job you will hate, it’s all about the management. If you enjoy the people, you will enjoy your job. There are two tricks to this. One, pay careful attention to the job interview. While they might be interviewing you, you are also deciding if you want to work with them. If you and the interviewer click naturally and it’s more of a natural conversation than a Q&A, that’s a very good sign. If it’s formal and high-pressure, then you should consider going on another job interview.

2. Stick To A Budget

This doesn’t mean you need to track every little thing. It just means you need to figure out your monthly income vs. expenses. If your expenses are higher than your income, then you need to increase your income or decrease your expenses.

If you don’t have a job, get one. As long as you choose the right job, this will make you happy. You will be in a setting with other people that you enjoy. Here’s a secret: It’s not about the work, it’s about who you are with.

If you have a job and your expenses are still higher than your income, you need to cut expenses. This could mean cheaper coffee every morning, cutting down how much you spend on food, reducing spending on clothing/sneakers/shoes, and/or reducing money spent on gas for your car. There are always ways to cut expenses. Make it a game and challenge yourself.

3. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Want to know another secret? Unless they’re on a television show, all those Instagram stars you follow earn much less money than you think. And some of your friends that are posting pictures of themselves on vacation are using their credit cards. There is no need to compete against a facade. When you only compete against yourself, you learn to love yourself and not care what others think. This exudes confidence, which leads to more people wanting to spend time with you. Therefore, you should never stress out about your friends having more money. Even if their money is real, where did it come from? You’re going to work hard for your money, which is going to make you feel very good about yourself. That’s the true win.

4. Leave Your Credit Card At Home

Credit cards are supposed to be for emergencies, not luxury spending. If you abuse your credit card, you can end up in a situation where you can’t pay the minimum monthly payment, which can negatively impact your credit score. Avoid all of this drama by leaving your credit card at home. You will be happy you did.

5. Focus On This

Focus on what makes you happy. The money will follow. If you’re passionate about something, pursue it. If you’re not passionate about something, delete it from your life. This tip is the most important of all. If you follow it, it will lead to reduced stress and increased happiness.

If you follow the five tips above, you will see your financial stress dissipate and your happiness increase. True wealth in life is happiness, not money.

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