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How To Protect Your Skin This Winter, College Guide  

Winter can oftentimes affect your skin condition. And if you will not take care of it, you might look different once you go back to the university. So before something awful happens to your skin, you need to prevent it. Here are a few things that could help you.   

Don’t Forget To Moisturize Daily   

Never forget to moisturize. But of course, choose products according to your skin type. If you are normal to dry skin, then you could use cream-based products. For those who are sensitive, then avoid products with fragrances. The best technique is to apply moisturizer when your face is still wet. This could help in trapping the moisture.   

Don’t Over Cleanse Your Body   

You don’t have to over-clean your body. If you do, then you are removing your skin’s natural moisturizers. And that could leave it dry and dull. We recommend that you wash your face, feet, hands, and the fold of your skin once a day.   

Likewise, you should limit the use of water and soap. And if you are about to take a shower, make it fast.   

Use Humidifiers   

You can also invest in quality humidifiers. If you must know, dry air can remove the moisture from your skin. However, if you are to use humidifiers, remember to clean the unit as regularly as possible. Otherwise, it could be a breeding ground for mold and fungi.   

Cover Your Face When Going Out   

It isn’t enough that you have your winter clothes on. When necessary, cover your face and protect it from strong winds. You can apply lip balm as well. We recommend that you use petroleum-based lip balm.  

Don’t Go Out During Extreme Cold Weather   

If you stay too long outside, you may suffer from frostbite. If this happens, go immediately to the doctor so you will be treated accordingly. Don’t waste time before your condition gets worse.   

Use Sunscreen   

Bear in mind that winter sun can also be dangerous for your skin. And because of that, we encourage you to always put on sunscreen with at least SPF 15. Not doing so can make your skin age earlier. Plus, the threat of skin cancer is always there.   

Take Vitamin D   

During hot weather, you can get your supply of vitamin D from exposing yourself to the sun. However, things are different during winter and you might need supplements. Before taking it, you must ask your doctor if this is something you can have as we all have different health conditions.   

Wear Your Mittens   

Your hands might be extremely dry during winter. You can protect them by using quality mittens. Now, if you are to wash your dishes, we highly encourage that you use rubber gloves. Make sure to buy non-greasy moisturizer for your hands so that it will stay smooth.   

Don’t Get Too Close To The Fireplace   

Perhaps, you want to get warm and you would want to go near the fireplace. But that could also damage your skin. If you can’t help it, just stay for short periods.   

Look For Clothes That Are Comfortable   

When you are dressing up for winter, choose comfortable clothes such as cotton before you put on your wool sweater. This is so you can protect your skin from further irritation.   

Set Your Thermostat Between 68°F to 72°F  

We understand that you want to crank up the heat when it’s already cold outside. But overdoing this can damage your skin. Try to set your thermostat within the temperature stated above. That way, you can still keep your skin moisturized.   

Use Hypoallergenic Detergents   

For washing your clothes, look for detergents that are labeled hypoallergenic. This is to ensure that your skin will be safe from harsh chemicals.   

Eat The Right Food And Hydrate   

We bet that the cold temperature is best to just lounge around the couch and eat all the chips and pizza you can. But not eating healthy can also affect your skin. Make sure to be cautious with your diet. Choose food high in omega-3 and 6, and always have water on your side to keep yourself hydrated.   

As always, you must take care of yourself, most especially during winter. Colds and runny nose are just a few of the concerns you have to address. And yes, your skin matters too. Follow the tips above and stay healthy.   

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