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How To Present Your Business Ideas to Investors?  

We are happy seeing many college students starting their own business as early as possible. And we want to help you achieve business growth. In this post, we will share with you a few practical tips on how you can win investors through your presentation.  

Who knows if you will be the next Mark Zuckerberg?  

Perfect Your Elevator Pitch  

Are you familiar what an elevator pitch is? This is a good spiel, around 30 seconds, describing your business. You need to cover what you do, why there’s a need for it, and what’s unique about it. This might sound too easy because it’s just half a minute. But if you are not able to describe your business in such a short span of time, they will immediately lose the interest.  

You have to sit down, really think about your elevator pitch, and even ask some of your friends and families to provide their feedback. That way, you can furnish it, and win investors.  

Show Data And Facts 

Here’s a truth bomb.  

Your mere passion is not enough to win investors. They are all about numbers. So, if you are about to present your business, you need to have projections. You need to show them that your numbers are going up.  

There is a strong need to quantify your business. Otherwise, it’s hard to get funding. After all, they would want to know what they will get from it. Again, this is not an easy feat. You have to do a lot of research and to think about different scenarios. This is your way of giving them a big picture of your business’ potential.  

Also, bear in mind that investors are not impressed with quick ways to earn money. So if you are promising that they could get millions in such a short span of time, we bet that they will turn down your offer. A rule of thumb is, you need to be realistic. 

Show Proof That You Can Deliver  

You must also show your potential investors that you can deliver either your products or services. If you are talking about your product, make sure that you have an actual sample or at least a prototype for them. Walk them through the entire process so they could understand that your business is feasible and logical.  

Take Time Working On Your Presentation Deck  

Take note that there are a lot of startups or founders who would like to win the same investors. How can you stand out?  

Of course, apart from your products and services, you also need to ensure that your presentation alone is good enough. You shouldn’t go there giving them a lousy PowerPoint presentation. Instead, try to add compelling graphics. And remember, you do not have to include a lot of texts because it’s also a turn off. Generally, your presentation should be a great visual aid that speaks a lot about your business.  

Prepare To Answer Questions  

Before you even go to your actual meeting, make sure that you and your team are prepared enough to answer questions related to your business.  

You need to schedule a regular time for you to practice. Write down as many questions you have in mind and you can even ask your friends to pitch in their ideas. You must be well-prepared. Simply put, know your business by heart. It’s logical that you should know every nook and cranny that they could potentially look into.  

Dress The Part  

We understand that some of the best founders are not wearing business suits right now. Think about Steve Jobs. But that doesn’t mean you must follow that direction.  

Let’s be real here. You are trying to impress investors. Part of your overall packaging is to look corporate. It shows that you are serious about the business, and that you are professional enough even if you’re still studying in college.  

Be A Good Storyteller 

When you pitch your business, one of the most effective ways to capture their attention is to be a good storyteller.  

You don’t start with facts alone. But instead, you bring them the story on why you started the business. That’s a good hook and chances are, they will listen to your entire presentation. That’s a great sign because it means you’ve already established a solid foundation.  


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