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How To Prepare Yourself Before Entering The Workforce 

The truth is, your college life is different when you already enter the corporate world or the workforce. And you have to be prepared so you won’t be culture shocked. But how can you do that?  

Look no further as we have some practical tips for you.  

Plan Your Outfit  

This might seem like a mundane tip, but you do have to plan what you are going to wear. Of course, you need to be professional and to ensure that you look crisp and clean. Even if your office allows a more relaxed look, you still need to look polished.  

But does this mean you have to buy expensive garments?  

Not necessarily.  

What we recommend, though, is that you get quality and neutral pieces that you can easily mix and match. That way, you do not have to buy a lot of clothes. Adding accessories should work too.  

Don’t Forget To Research Your Company  

When you are about to apply, we do not encourage you to do so randomly. It is a must that you do some due diligence first.  

A quick search on the internet can show you news and updates about different companies. Be on the lookout for controversies or similar clippings.

You see, the work environment is important if you want to grow professionally. Now, if your company has a lot of scandals and controversies, it could be more challenging to grow. Unless, of course, you want to be in their crisis management team.  

Know Your Colleagues  

With the power of the internet, it is easy to ‘stalk’ your colleagues. You can probably see their LinkedIn profiles, social media accounts, and even articles about them.  

It wouldn’t hurt to get to know them at that level. That way, you will know if you have something in common, and that could be your opener when establishing a good relationship.  

Don’t Forget To Ask What You Need  

Prior to your first day, it’s always a nice idea to ask your superiors what you need to bring. Or if they want you to prepare anything, then you can already accomplish it ahead of time.  

For example, if they are taking you for fieldwork, then you might want to bring a comfortable pair of shoes. Or if your job entails a lot of spreadsheets, then they might recommend that you brush your skills.  

Get Enough Rest  

We know that you are a bit excited to start a new job. But that doesn’t mean you should throw a party over the weekend so you will get wasted.  

The best thing to do is to take a nice rest and condition yourself for a long week. We have to be honest, your first weeks can be extremely challenging because you need to adjust and to learn as much as you can. Thus, preparation and a well-rested body are essential.  

Learn How To Start A Small Conversation  

Even if you are the youngest and the newest in the office, you must know how to engage in a small conversation. After all, that’s how you are going to build your network.  

Yes, it can be awkward at first. But as long as you practice it, it will be easier and it will come out natural.  

Learn Your Travel Route  

It’s not a good idea if you will come to work late, right? So to avoid that from happening, you should practice your commute or drive to the office. And as a rule of thumb, give yourself allowance because you can never tell how bad traffic could get.  

Have Your Own Stationery  

We know that you can keep notes using your mobile phone. If you are more comfortable with that, then go ahead. But as someone who’s a bit more conventional and traditional, we encourage you to bring stationery. A notepad and pen should do you good whenever there are instructions from your superiors.  

Do not rely on your mental notes because working in a real company is different from memorizing your lessons back in college. You need to unload as much information so you can have room for new ones.  


And lastly, don’t forget to enjoy. Yes, there will be birth pains and it will be hard to adjust. But at the end of the day, you should enjoy your journey.  

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