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How To Prepare For Your Zoom Online Class, University Student Tips

How To Prepare For Your Zoom Online Class, University Student Tips

Because of the pandemic, a lot of educational institutions have changed their way of teaching the students. They are obviously using technology so that physical contact will be limited. However, this change means most of us will have to adjust. And yes, there are a few people who think that Zoom classes are not effective.  

That’s understandable. After all, most people are not comfortable with changes. But this is not to say that we shouldn’t adapt.  

In this post, we will share with you some of the ways on how you can maximize your classes. Make sure that you learn as much as you can, and that you are able to get the best grade for your subject. Let’s begin.  

Install The App  

This might seem like a no-brainer, right? However, you should be able to install your Zoom app hours or even days before your classes. With this, you can try it out first with your families and friends. See if the camera and audio are working, or if your internet connection is able to handle the app’s needs.  

You see, if you will do this at the last minute, there might be technical issues that you won’t be able to address right away. And yes, you will miss a huge chunk of your lessons, and it will be harder to cope up.  

Don’t forget to test all the features beforehand.  

Space Best For Zoom Classes  

We understand that not every one of us has IG-worthy space to study. But who says it has to be aesthetically perfect? When we say ‘best space’ for Zoom, we meant that it should be the least clutter and that the noise is very minimal. In fact, you can just look for a small area in your house, place a plain cloth as your background, and you are good to go. If your device can handle it, you can even change the background easily.  

Have Your School Supplies At Hand  

When you are attending a Zoom class, think of it as if you are attending a real live class. Not only that you should be attentive, but your school supplies must be at arm’s length. Have your pen and notebooks ready to list down important topics. Or if you are using a tablet to write down notes, make sure that you have it beside you.  

Always Mute Your Mic  

One of the most common mistakes that students do when they attend Zoom classes is that they forget to mute their mic. And sometimes, there are unnecessary noises and even personal conversations that the entire class could hear. As a common practice, we recommend that you always mute your mic.  

Raise Your Hand Or Use The Chat Box  

If you have questions for your professors, don’t just unmute your mic and talk right away. Show some respect and raise your hand first. There’s an option for that in Zoom. Or if you are allowed to, use the chatbox so that your professors will be able to see your questions first.  

Provide Your Schedule To Your Roommates Or Housemates  

When you are attending a Zoom class, other people might not be conscious of their behavior. They could listen to loud music, or they could watch movies without lowering the volume. In that case, give them a heads up of your schedule. Tell them that you need to attend your classes and that their cooperation is needed. If you talk to them properly, they will be able to understand and they will respect your time.  

Wear Decent Clothes  

Sometimes, it could be tempting to just wear an extremely comfortable PJs during Zoom classes. However, if you want to condition yourself and to be active, wear something that you would usually wear as if you are about to go to school. It will help your brain to function more, instead of wishing that you are still in bed.  

Send A Message To Your Professor Ahead Of Time  

Just in case there are technical difficulties that you can’t address right away, we recommend that you send an email or a quick message to your professors. Ask them how you can get the lectures.  

Also, it’s always good to make friends with your classmates. If there are lessons and other assignments that you may have missed, you can just give them a quick video call once everything is already in place.  

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