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How To Prepare For Your Job’s Written Exam

When you search online on how to prepare for job interviews, you will get thousands of articles. Most likely, you will see how to dress up, and even sample questions that you need to answer verbally. But that’s good for an initial interview. More often than not, you still have to take written examinations to nail the job. So, the question now is, how are you going to do it? Is it even possible to prepare for a written examination for job interviews?   

Look no further as we have the solutions for you.   

Understand The Job Position   

The first thing you have to look into is the job position, the scope of work, and the required skills. Most likely, the employers have written these in their job posts. Please have a look at it once again as you prepare for the interview. Then ask yourself the following questions.   

  • What are the technical skills that I need to review?   
  • How can I write the processes carefully?   
  • What terms will likely be in the exam?    

Now, let’s go to the next steps.   

Review Your Notes   

Since you just graduated from the university, your notes are still fresh and hopefully are updated. Review these first, as if you are about to take your finals exam. Of course, we are not saying that you have to spend countless hours studying. But just try to see which things you have to be familiar with.   

Read Industry Updates   

It is also crucial that you are knowledgeable about industry-updates. Fortunately, we have technology that allows us to read information about practically everything. Before your interview, make sure that you read these. You’d never know if some of the concepts will be included in your written exam.   

Practice At Home   

Do not underestimate the power of practicing. We already know that for verbal interviews, most experts will recommend that you practice your spiels. They would even give you guide questions to answer it beforehand and sound confident in the actual interview.   

The same thing applies to written exams. You can print out some and try to condition yourself about challenging questions. It could be multiple choice or essays. If possible, ask your friends or your mentors to provide you with mock exams.   

Talk to Industry Professionals   

Speaking of mentors, find a professional in the industry where you can ask questions. Scout for tips and even advice on how to pass the written exam. This is where a good network comes in. And that is why in most of our articles, we highlight the importance of establishing a strong connection even at the onset. Join clubs, and organizations within and outside your campus. You’d never know how these people can help you in the future. Likewise, if it is your time to provide advice, be generous enough.  

Usual Written Exams  

To give you an idea, here are a few written examinations that your employer might ask you to do. That way, you can prepare even further and have a higher chance of getting that job.   

Writing an Email and Business Letter   

There are employers who will ask you to write an email for a client. They will give you a scenario, and you will draft from there. As early as now, read business writing books and how to construct a professional email. This might seem like an easy task, but a lot of people fail here.   

Report or Essay   

Likewise, you might be required to write a report or an essay. Again, you will be given a specific case to work on. This is the reason why you have to keep yourself updated with the technical terms and industry updates.   

Press Release   

This depends on the position you’re applying for. But it wouldn’t hurt to read actual Press Releases about the company beforehand. That way, you already know their tone of writing, and of course, you will impress your hiring manager or employer.   


And in some cases, you will be given a complete writeup where you need to find the mistakes. You have to be careful because these types of exams are tricky. Make sure to read it twice or even thrice to spot the errors.   

It’s better to be overly prepared during an interview. After all, doing so can naturally improve your skills. And you can use that for the next interviews that come along.    

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