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How To Prepare for a Storm While Living in a Dormitory, College Student Guide 

Apparently, no one can stop a storm. But you can always take the necessary steps to protect yourself. If your university is situated where storms are likely to happen, you have to be prepared. How can you do this amidst the ongoing pandemic?  Let this post help you. 

Write Down Or Save Emergency Numbers  

It’s best to have emergency numbers at hand. Save it on your phone or write it down. The reason why you have to do the latter is that storms and calamities can also cause power outages and you might run out of battery. By manually writing it down, everyone at your dorm can easily access the numbers. 

Have An Emergency Supply Kit   

You should have the necessary emergency supplies prior to the storm. Usually, we’ll get the heads up if there is an upcoming typhoon. Don’t be complacent and get the right amount of supply so you can get by for days.  

Also, don’t hoard! You’ve probably seen a lot of people hoarding but it causes more harm than good. Again, just get enough supply for yourself.  

Here are the things you need to get for your emergency supply kit.  

– Water  

– Food  

– Medicines  

– Important documents  

– Powerbank or batteries  

Place your kit in an area where you can easily get it. It could be beside your bed or near your door.  

Ask For Disaster Plans 

A disaster plan should be in place already. You have to talk to your RA about this even before a typhoon notice. As always, you wouldn’t know when a disaster would hit your place and we couldn’t reiterate the importance of being prepared.  

Know The Difference Between Hurricane “Watch” and “Warning” 

Take note that there are two types of alerts. One is the Hurricane Watch and the other is Hurricane Warning.  

Hurricane Watch  

This means that the hurricane is possible in the area. Most experts announce the alerts 48 hours before the expected tropical storm-force winds.  

Hurricane Warning  

When you hear a Hurricane Warning, this is more serious. Experts will warn you 36 hours before the tropical storm-force winds. Do not take this time for granted. If you do not have the right supplies yet, go to your nearest supermarket and get the essentials.  

Remove All Electronics Off Your Floor  

Your electronic equipment should be in a safe place. As much as possible, keep it off the floor. Store these in your cabinets where water could not easily go through.  

Move Your Beds  

If your bed is near the windows, it’s best to pull it away first. This also includes other furniture so it won’t get soaked during the storm.  

Prepare Your Car 

If you have a car and living in a dorm, we still recommend that you prepare your vehicle. Don’t forget to fill your car’s gas tank and move it to a covered area. Remember that gas pumps couldn’t work without electricity. Set your emergency brake as well. Lastly, you may want to have a separate emergency kit inside your car just in case you have to leave right away.   

Get Your Dorm Ready  

While this isn’t your core responsibility, you should also check if your dorm is storm-ready. The windows and doors should be secured and use the storm shutters.  

Fill Up Empty Containers With Water  

Look for all your water containers in your dormitory and fill these with drinking water. This is important and you shouldn’t skip this step. Likewise, you should also have water for washing. 

Inform Your RA If You Plan To Evacuate   

In case you are going to evacuate, remember to tell your RA first. Let them know your whereabouts and your emergency contact numbers.  

Get An Insurance   

If you have valuables, we recommend that you get rental insurance for your personal possessions. Do not wait until the calamity strikes.  

Save Your Files  

If you have your computer in your dormitory, don’t forget to create backup files. Saving it in the cloud is a good plan as well. You’d never what type of distraction the storm could do. Plus, you wouldn’t want to redo all your reports just in case your hardware gets destroyed. 

What To Do After The Storm  

Your responsibility doesn’t stop after the storm. You should check if there are broken windows or glass in your dormitory. Not doing so may cause injuries in the long run. In addition, you should wait for a go signal if you can turn the power on.  


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