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How To Plan A Schedule, College Student Guide 

Time management is a skill that is needed when you are studying in college, more so for work. And what we recommend is that you learn how to do it properly as early as possible. If you are wondering how you can plan your schedule as a college student, we have a few tips for you.  

Look For The Best Tools  

There’s no single way to plan your schedule. Some are used to writing in traditional calendars or to-do list notes. Others are more comfortable using their gadgets and saving them digitally. What we suggest is to find the best approach for you.  

Try out a few techniques and see which one works. That’s one of the best ways you can effectively plot and follow your schedule.  

Allot A Few Minutes To Plan  

You have to make a routine if you wish to regularly plan your day. For example, every Sunday night or Monday morning, you will try to list down your weekly engagements. That way, you won’t forget anything important. Also, you can spend 5 to 10 minutes every day to see what needs to be done for that day.  

Believe us when we say that you can do more when you carefully plan instead of just winging it.  

Organize Your Tasks  

You can also organize your tasks wherein you batch them according to what you can easily do together. For example, schedule all your research needs in the morning and do all your errands in the afternoon.  

Also, try to assess which tasks are important and highly urgent. That way, you know which ones should go first, and which activities you can park for a while.  

Schedule Your Breaks  

We know that you might have a lot of things to do right now, but it is essential that you give yourself a break. During these breaks, you are giving yourself time to breathe and be able to step back a bit. Trust us, these smaller breaks will make you even more productive, so use them to your advantage.  

You can either read articles, have a nice cup of coffee, do a bit of stretching, or run for a few minutes. All these things will have their benefits.  

List Down Even Your Small Tasks  

Do you need to return your book to your classmate? Do you have to send a quick email to your mentor? Should you need to buy a couple of toiletries? These things aren’t that important yet needs to be done. What you can do is to list all of these mini-tasks and find a schedule where you can fit them all.  

Don’t Just Put The Due Date  

For example, you have a paper due two weeks from now. Instead of just placing the due date on your planner, you have to be specific. Try to plot when you need to do your research, to work on your first draft, the time you have to proofread, and even the printing of your paper (in case you are to submit the hard copy). This tactic will allow you to manage your time and you will avoid cramming.  

Reward Yourself  

If you want to keep yourself motivated to do your plans, then have a reward system. We don’t mean that you have to buy that luxurious bag or that you travel the world. But simple treats could go a long way. For example, if you have completed 80% of your tasks, then go ahead and buy your favorite ice cream. You’ve done your report before your expected date? Then go to the park and enjoy your free time.  

Look For An Accountability Partner  

It’s also good that you look for someone that would check on you. It’s proven to be more effective, and you are likely to be pushed to do your tasks. Of course, you have to do the same and check on your partner if they are productive enough.  

If this is your first time practicing proper planning it could be overwhelming. Plus, you might get frustrated whenever you are not able to complete your tasks. But remember that you should also learn to be flexible. There are things that we cannot foresee, therefore cannot be included in your planner. Just learn how to adapt and get back on track whenever you can.  

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