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How To Organize Your Desk In The Dormitory

How To Organize Your Desk In The Dormitory 

Having trouble studying and feeling something is amiss? Maybe you just need to reorganize your study area. They say an organized environment is conducive for studying. 

Here are some inexpensive tips on how you can organize your desk in the dormitory. 

Keep Your Books And Magazines Organized

Let’s face it. Having tons of books, folders and binders is a part of college life. Even with the introduction of digital technology, we still can’t remove physical books from our lives. The solution – keep all of these neat and tidy. It will help you declutter your room plus it will make preparing for school easy. 

There are tons of magazine holders, bookends, and vertical book holders available in the market. It comes in a variety of styles and colors so you would definitely find something that suits your taste. Adding bookshelves on your desk is another useful and great idea. Not only does it serve as a way to organize your books but can also be a display piece in your room.  

Writing Tools Are Everybody’s Favorite

Let us all agree that there is something about pens that satisfies the inner you. We bet that you have at least bought one of each different types of writing tools, may it be a mechanical pen, permanent markers, highlighters, and more than you would actually ever use. 

There are various ways on how you could organize them. You can buy off-the-shelf organizers if you want to. You can also be creative and use unique containers you find around such as jars, unique-looking coffee mugs, and even those small colorful buckets you find in thrift stores. You can arrange them according to their style, use and even color coordinate them if you want to.

Use Wall Grids To Hang Your Stuff

You usually see these unique grids in stores. But you can also use them to organize your desk as well. Grid organizer lets you hang some of your things keeping them off the desk. It will give you more room to study and remove unnecessary things from your desk.

Have A Separate Drawer For Your Non-School Related Stuff

We understand that you also use your desk for more than just school work. Whether it’s your makeup kit or hobby tools, having it on your desk will occupy space that is supposedly meant for your studies. Have a separate space for those. You can place them near your desk for easy access but not on top of it.

The Handy Dandy Cork Boards

This is a must-have on your desk. A corkboard is perfect for pinning reminders for easy viewing. You can also stick pictures of your friends, families, or loved ones for inspiration.

Drawer Organizers

Who among you has everything inside their drawers unorganized? I am sure we are all guilty of this. But that could be changed with drawer organizers. It can help properly organize your things inside your drawers, giving you easy access whenever you need it. 

Roller Carts

Oftentimes, dorm desks are small due to the tight spaces. If you still need space to organize your things, you can opt for rolling carts. It gives you an additional storage space plus the wheels give it mobility, allowing you to move it around as needed.

Multi-Purpose Lamps

You need desk lamps especially when you are sharing rooms with others and keeping the lights on during your late-night study is not an option. There are a number of desk lamps out there that come with an extra USB outlet. It will allow you to charge your gadgets without the need for an additional outlet or extension cord.

Arranging your desk is fun. You will be using it for quite some time so better arrange it to something that you like. There are tons of styles you can choose from. Certain people would prefer doing it their own way, some may even organize it to a point that it’s too neat to even work on. But whatever it is, the goal is to make it clean and organized for you to be able to study better. After all, a desk would remain just a desk if you don’t use its purpose.

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