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How To Organize Your Desk Before Going Back To School

How To Organize Your Desk Before Going Back To School

They say that your working area can influence your productivity. Having said that, it’s about time that you clear up your study desk, and try to ace all your college subjects. Now, if you need some tips, you’ve come to the right place. We have here a few tricks that will make your study area functional, and probably aesthetically pleasing.   

Remove All Clutters   

In most cases, we cannot function if there are clutters all over. So the first thing you have to do is to remove things which are not necessary for your studies. For example, do you have papers which you need to throw? Are there pens that are not working? Is your calendar even updated?   

Create A Hanging Shelf   

If your table is small, you might want to add some storage by placing hanging shelves. Fortunately, you can find these in hardware stores and you can simply install them in just a few minutes. Now, you can place your books, notebooks, and even your pens, while making your desk free from any distractions.   

Have An Organization Station   

Another thing you can add to your study area is an organization station. This is especially true if you love crafts and you have dozens of pens and other art materials to store. You can use recycled bottles and cheap baskets you can easily purchase from department stores.  

Get A Peg Board   

Want to do something straight out of Pinterest? Then you can do it by buying an inexpensive peg board. With this idea, you can be crazy with the decors and items you place in here. Your board is not just there to organize your things, it also works to give your wall an interesting design.   

Add A Chalkboard   

If you are still a traditional person who loves to write notes to remember everything, then adding a chalkboard will do you good. Or for some, a whiteboard should work better, most especially if they hate chalk dust.   

Maximize Colors   

Who says that your study desk needs to be boring? You can splash a few colors and give it a new life. For example, you can add Sharpies and colored papers. You can draw and add illustrations on your notes, instead of a plain and boring one. This way, you will be more pumped up to study your lectures.   

Look For A Nice Storage Caddy   

If hanging shelves isn’t your thing, then you can organize your things by buying a storage caddy. Here you can store your extra sheets or your pens. These are affordable investments that could last you years. You can place it under your desk and it will still look clean and organized.   

Get A Nice Lamp   

A good lighting can also help you to become more productive. If you have a bigger desk, then you can have a lamp where you can place on top of it. But for smaller ones, get something that you can install on walls. That way, you can save on space and place more important things such as your books or gadgets.   

Create Your Own Desk Organizer   

Do you want to unleash your creative side? Then why not create your own desk organizer? You can do one made from wooden boxes and corkboards. And yes, you don’t need a hammer and nails.   

Get A Decent Chair   

Now, we understand that you might spend a lot of your time in front of your desk. Because of that, you might need to replace your chair as well. Make sure that you can sit on it for hours without experiencing back pain.   

Have A Keyboard Tray   

A keyboard tray is also beneficial if you have smaller desks. This is so you can just push it back when you don’t use your gadgets. Plus, you can use the entire surface if you are going to write in your notebook, or if you are to read your books. The best thing, you can also ‘do-it-yourself’.   

Drawer Dividers   

If you have drawers, don’t just place all your things in there. Instead, get drawer dividers and start organizing everything. Just with these, you will be able to become more efficient as you don’t have to rummage through different items.   

There are still several ideas on how you can organize and clear your desk. What could work for others might not work for you. So just find the right balance and organize it in a way that you will be eager to study.   

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