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How To Maximize Your Last Year Of College? 

You’re already in the last year of your university life.

We encourage you to go all out so you will be able to maximize your time left. But what are the activities that you should do? Well, worry no more as we have a quick checklist for you. You can thank us later.  

Meet New Friends   

Perhaps, you only have a small circle of friends while you are studying in college. That’s fine because you always need a core group where you can get genuine support. But it’s also good that you expand your circle and make new friends.  

It’s about time that you go to networking events, or join clubs which you were not able to do when you were still in your first years of college. It doesn’t matter if you’re highly interested or not. But learning new things and meeting new people would always have its benefits in the long run.  

Look For A Mentor   

During the last year of college, you should be able to look for a mentor. In fact, we encourage other students that you look for one as early as you can. But if you haven’t found one yet, this is the perfect time for you to do so.  

When you have a mentor, you can always have a clear path on what things you need to do as you step into the real world. Plus of course, they could also give you advice on how you’re going to deal with your strengths and weaknesses.   

Attend Parties   

You might think that this is counterproductive, considering that you have a lot of research and exams and hard quizzes to fulfill. But when you’re in college, specifically in your last year, we also ask you to attend parties if you are invited to them. Trust us. When you start working, it would be harder for you to say yes to these types of social gatherings.  

As much as you can, say yes to these college parties. But know your limitations. If you have a long exam the day after or you have to prepare a report, then, of course,  know how to say no.   

Enjoy Your College Discounts   

This is your last year to enjoy your college discounts. And so we encourage you to maximize it. Go buy your new coat for your job interview or look for books where you can hone your skills that you could use for work. Or perhaps, treat yourself to a nice dinner. These little luxuries in life are what you deserve since you’ve been studying hard for years.  

Thank All Your Friends and Professors

Even if we already have social media and it’s easy to connect with people nowadays, you cannot be sure if you will see your classmates and professors in the coming years. And so during your last year of college, we encourage you to thank them and show your gratitude. This could mean a lot to them.  

Prepare Yourself For The Real World  

Also, you should prepare yourself for what is yet to come. That means, draft your resume, or try to look for job opportunities. Don’t forget to send your resumes to companies where you think you could be a perfect fit.

As early as now, you should be doing it because when the time comes that you’ve already graduated, many college students will do the same and your resume could be at the bottom of their files. Make sure that yours would be on top.  

Attend School Events   

And lastly, make sure that you attend school events where you can feel your school spirit. Shout, clap, and go crazy, because this would be the last year that you can do it – and not look odd. 

Get Help Online   

And since we suggest that you maximize your time in college, we encourage you to look for services where you can ask for help with your homework. That way, you have more time on your hands and you would still be able to go on networking events or do the things that you love the most. A lot of college students are using the services already and we have to say, they have no regrets. If you haven’t tried it, then this is the right time that you do 

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