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How To Maximize Networking Events?  

You probably know this already, but as much as you can, go to networking events. Meet many people from different walks of life. You’d never know when you need to tap these people, either for personal or for your professional needs.

Perhaps, you already know where to network. For example, join clubs, attend conferences, attend workshops, look for seminars, and whatnots. But just mere attending wouldn’t do you well. You need to do some tips and techniques to maximize your networking events. This post can certainly help you. ¬†

Choose Events That You Love   

Look for events that you are interested in. This way, you can engage in conversations and be able to share your knowledge about a certain topic. And of course, that would impress more people.  

If you want to attend paint classes, then go ahead and do so. For example, you are a tech geek. Then look for tech conferences. But how about if you want to learn to cook well? There are a lot of classes that you can attend to. Just look for these online and you’d probably see one or two that will happen within your area.¬†¬†

Don’t Forget To Prepare   

Before going to the event, you¬†have to¬†make sure that you are well prepared. You don’t just go there without your ammo.¬†¬†

When we say prepare, you need to make sure that you have your elevator pitch. And, you must be prepared when you are asked certain questions.  

As a college student, maybe you don’t have an elevator pitch for a technology or product, or service. Then, you should prepare how to introduce yourself. If you are not confident to do this, or if it is your first time to conferences and events, it pays to practice first. Write down your spiel, and speak in front of the mirror. Eventually, it will sound natural. ¬†

Arrive As Early As You Can   

When you’re attending networking events, we encourage you to be at the venue as early as you can. This gives you the time to meet the organizers, and perhaps touch base with them. Ask if they have upcoming events, or if they could provide you with the initial list of the guests. That way, you can already pinpoint which sub-events you will attend. Thus, maximizing your time. ¬†

Learn How To Be Approachable   

We understand that some people are not confident when they are around a lot of folks. But if you are in the networking event, this is a must. You need to stay away from your aloof self and be able to make yourself approachable. Always smile. And be aware of your body language. Sometimes, it could send a signal that you don’t want to meet people, but that defies the purpose of being in a networking event, right? ¬†

Approach Others   

Yes, it can be awkward at first to approach strangers, but you don’t have to be embarrassed or to be shy. After all, it’s a networking event and people are expected to do exactly just that. ¬†

Again, you just have to flash a smile, make eye contact, and ensure that you know what questions to ask.

You already know the proper decorum when you just met a person, right? You don’t ask them too personal questions. Instead, if it’s a special networking event for a particular topic, then ask something about it.¬†¬†

Create An Impressive Business Card  

Who says that business cards are dead? If you are going to networking events, it’s a big no to forget your business cards. You always need to have a handful with you. And while others would take their mobile numbers or ask for their Facebook accounts, it’s always better to have a business card with you – even if you are still a University student. That’s the start of your branding. And if you can tap the right person, they will be impressed because as early as now, you know what to do with yourself to stand out.¬†¬†

Just Enjoy!   

And lastly, if you are going to such kind of conferences and events, don’t pressure yourself to get a lot of contacts. Just enjoy.¬†

Sometimes, just meeting one is already substantial. Make meaningful connections and converse like you are friends with this person for years. 

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