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How To Manage Being A Single Father And A College Student 

Being a single parent is not a choice, but a calling that some are forced to face, even at an early age. Single moms are usually well-celebrated in society. Their efforts and hardships are always valued and praised by many. But how about single dads? They are single parents too.

Similar to single moms, being a solo parent is not usually something they choose to become. Whatever the circumstances that led them to this situation, it is undeniable that there are many challenges to face as they raise their child. It could even be more challenging especially if you are a college student.

How To Become A Successful Single Father Even As A Student

It is difficult to become a successful parent while working, let alone while being a student. Striking a balance between the responsibilities of fatherhood and the demands of being a college student can be overwhelming. However, it is possible. One can become a great student while learning and being a good father to a child, even without the help of a spouse. Here are some tips on how you can create balance and feel a sense of achievement in being a father and a college student at the same time.

Do Not Feel Guilty

There is nothing wrong with being a father and dreaming of finishing a degree in college. One of the most common challenges for single fathers is that they often feel guilty for wanting to get a diploma, considering they have a child to support and responsibilities as a father to comply. Do not think this way. 

The four or five years you spend in the university are just a portion of your child’s life. You can always find time to make up time for your child after school, during school breaks and after you completed your higher education. They may miss you from time to time but know that your efforts in finishing college and landing in better opportunities afterwards are all aimed towards providing your child with a better life.

Get Reliable Help

There is nothing wrong with seeking a support system that you can trust to help you during this challenging and tiring time in your life. These are essential especially for single fathers. You can ask for help from your parents or by looking for a trusted child care service that can look after your kid while you are at school or work. Do not be afraid to ask for help from people who support your dream of becoming a good parent and a good student at the same time.

Adjust Your Priorities

Your child is your priority but your studies should be prioritized too. Adjust your priorities accordingly to be able to have time for everything – especially for your child and your studies. You might have to drop a few hobbies that you usually do to be able to have time to do other things such as bonding and spending quality time with your child. Remind yourself that this is just temporary. All your sacrifices will eventually reach an end and would create a better person out of you.

Include Your Child With Your School Work

This may seem hard to do but you can always find ways to make time for your child and your schoolwork at the same time. You can read a book or do your homework while your child plays inside his/her crib. Find ideas on how to make schoolwork a possible bonding experience with your child. Raising an older child? You can do your homework at the same time. You can also talk about the experiences that you had during the day at school during dinner or at the end of the day. Involve your child in other aspects of your life, even with your life as a student.

Raising a child alone, during an equally challenging time in your life such as being a college student is not an easy feat. It takes courage, discipline, a lot of effort and faith to be able to become a successful student while being a good provider and father to your child. Constantly remind yourself that you are capable of doing so. Make your child your inspiration in achieving your dreams and goals in life.

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