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How To Manage A Long Distance Relationship While In College

How To Manage A Long Distance Relationship While In College  

Maintaining a relationship during college is already hard. And having a long-distance one is obviously more challenging. But this is not to say that you can’t make it through. You can make it work as long as you follow the tips we have in this post.   

Create Rules   

Before you part ways with your partner, it is crucial that you talk about your plans to make your relationship work. For instance, you can talk about visitation schedules. You can even discuss how you can afford it. Or maybe both of you can already save for that visit. If you are living with a roommate, is it possible for your partner to stay with you, or do you need to look for separate accommodation? These things should be discussed early on so both of you can prepare and manage the expectations.   

Speaking of visits, you don’t have to do it weekly. Once or twice a month should do you good. Remember, college life can also be an avenue to socialize. If you are always with your partner, then you are leaving no room to meet other folks. Thus, you won’t be able to maximize your potential network.   

Always Communicate Clearly   

You must understand that college studies is your priority. Now, if you have to move your schedules because you have a big exam, then tell your partner about it. Be upfront that you are going to be busy for the week. They should understand that changes in your schedule could happen.   

Don’t complain and say, “I have so many things to do”, and hope they can easily get what you meant. Just be straightforward, apologize, and make it up with your partner once your schedule clears up.   

Don’t Forget To Update Your Partner   

One way to strengthen your relationship is if you keep your partner in the loop. You can send pictures of what you are doing such as your classroom, your new friends, and even your new hang out place. Even if you are not together, they will feel that you still include them in your life. A simple message of good morning can make them feel special.   

Schedule A Virtual Date   

Just in case you can’t have a real dinner with your partner, be creative and have a virtual one. You can order from a restaurant near their place and have the food delivered to them. That way, they will still feel that you care for them and that you are taking the extra mile just to make them smile.   

Take note though that this doesn’t need to be fancy. You can just order burger and fries and make the night special.   

Look For Creative Ways To Show Your Love   

In relation to the above idea, you can think of other ways that could show your love to your partner. You can send them a care package like their favorite chocolates and chips. Or how about watching Netflix together while you are on a video call? We have to admit, the technology helps partners build a more meaningful relationship even when they are far away from each other.   

Stay Calm   

Just in case your partner isn’t responding to your messages, don’t assume that something bad happened. Or that they are already dating someone new. More often than not, they are also busy with their school or work.   

If you think they don’t have time for you, be open about it. Ask if there are problems. Again, communication is the key to a healthy long-distance relationship.   

Try To Avoid Posting Too Much On Social Media   

We understand that you just want to tell the world how much you love your partner. But overdoing it can put so much pressure on both of you. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your relationship in private.  

Make Every Personal Visit Memorable   

And when it’s about time that you meet your partner in person, make sure that you are in the best shape. That means, you are positive, and you won’t rant for the entire time. You can visit the local park, eat ice cream, or just stay in your apartment and relax.  

Again, long-distance relationships, while hard, can work. You just need to be committed and to be creative on how you can make the fire burning.   

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