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How to Make Your Professor’s Office Hours Meaningful

Back in high school, it is easier for school teachers to interact with students. Most of the time, classes are held in small groups. 

Professors, on the other hand, are faced with hundreds of students. Hence, having that personal connection with each and everyone is harder. That is why using your professor’s office hours can be beneficial during your college life. It would be the best time to clarify lessons that you might have misunderstood. It also gives you the chance to better understand the class content. Maximizing this office hour can help you have that academic success and make your life easier.

Here are some tips on how you can utilize and make your professor’s office hours meaningful. Let us look at the benefits you can get from it. 

You Can Get Study Ideas

Approaching your professor during office hours can help you gain tips on how to have a more effective study habit. Some subjects have specific strategies that you can use in order to better understand it. You can ask your professor for inputs so you can adjust your study techniques for that particular class. 

Confirm Important Schedules and Project Dues

In college,  class activities are pre-planned and scheduled. You can use office hours to confirm these dates. This would enable you to create a study schedule. 

Knowing the project due dates will help you organize your time and avoid surprises. You need to sort out your class schedules to avoid cramming and late submissions.

Time To Review Your Exam or Paper

Office hours will give you a chance to examine and confirm your academic performance. You can clarify your mistakes and make the necessary adjustments in improving your future exams or paper.

Clarify Class Contents

There are times wherein you couldn’t keep up with the current lesson. You can use your professor’s office hours to ask for help. Sometimes, it is better during this time since both of you can focus on the specific subject you are having trouble with.

Discuss Your Grade

If you have concerns about your grades, then you can always approach your professor during these office hours. You can check the breakdown and see which aspect you need to improve. 

If you are running for high honors, it is a good practice to monitor your grades as well. There are times that students miss out on an award just because they have miscalculated their grades. 

When Is The Best Time To Use Office Hours?

Most professors announce a specific schedule for their office hours. Take note of this. And as much as possible, try to set a schedule at the beginning of the semester. 

Some students only use office hours a day before the exam or before the date of project submission. This won’t do you any good as you only have limited time to prepare. 

Doing it early and frequently allows you to prepare accordingly, giving you better results. Also, your professors would appreciate it more if you are doing frequent visits. It would show them that you are eager to learn.

What To Do When You Meet Your Professor?

Determine What Your Purpose Is

Before meeting your professor, you need to establish why you are going there. Knowing what to do would maximize both your precious time. When setting a schedule, make sure you come on time as well.

Prepare The Questions You Want to Ask

List down all your questions. Make sure that you go straight to the point and be specific. It would be easier for your professor to pinpoint the problems. This would allow them to give better advice. 

It will help if you bring all the required materials such as books, papers or references. During your discussion, be respectful of your professor. Takedown notes and be honest if you still don’t understand certain concepts.  

Professors can sometimes be intimidating. But once you get to know them, they are just like any other human beings. 

Their goal is to help their students learn. Create a good rapport with them by meeting them during office hours. Besides, it is always better to be on their good side. This can also improve your interpersonal skill which you can essentially use when you earn your degree. So as early as now, be assertive and use your professor’s office hours to your advantage.

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