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How To Make Your Dorm Hotel-Like, College Guide

Most college students live in dormitories. While some are decently designed, others could be extremely blunt. It’s as if it’s not too welcoming for college students. It’s as if you’re stuck in a horror movie.  But don’t worry. The plain canvas can be turned into hotel-like room where you can relax all night long. And you don’t have to make major renovations because your RA will not allow you to do. So, we have here a few tips on how you can turn your dorm room into a hotel-like one.  

Clear All You Clutter  

First on the list, you have to clean up and remove all the clutter. If you will notice in hotel rooms, they make it a point not too have so much things. Of course, we can’t expect the same for dorms because you have your clothes and even school supplies. But the next best thing you can do is to buy organizers. Keep all your items tidy and you will instantly feel the difference.  

Invest in Good Pillows, Blankets And Bedsheets 

We know that you are stretching your budget as college students. But if you want your blankets and other bed paraphernalia to last, then get something that is of quality. You will have a great sleep every night. Plus, it could last for years. With that alone, you are saving money. So, it’s a good buy.  

Keep Your Bed Clean  

Another simple yet effective tactic to make your dorm room look like a hotel is to always fix your bed. And when we say fix, it means you have to spend extra time working on it. It’s not just to fold your blanket and to throw your pillows back. You have to straighten the bedsheet and even put the original form of the pillows.  

Place Bedside Lamps  

A lamp beside your bed can also add to that hotel-like feeling. Your side table should be clear from any obstructions too. We recommend getting lamps where you can adjust its lighting. That way, you can still do more things before you sleep. For example, if you still want to do last minute reading, then use a brighter light. If you want to relax, then have it dimmed – all at your fingertips.  

Use Essential Oils  

Hotel rooms smell amazing. And you can do that in your dormitory if you buy essential oils. A diffuser could also help. There are many brands available online, and these are reasonably priced. You can get those and make your dorm smell fresh every single time.  

 If you want, you can get candles too which are perfect if you want to meditate.   

Get A Nice Carpet  

You can also add character to your dorm room by placing a nice carpet. There are many designs to choose from and just learn how to match your overall theme. You would be surprised how much a carpet can change the entire ambiance of the space.  

Portable Speakers  

You don’t need to install large speakers in your dorm. But having a compact one can surely do the job. At least you can set the mood by playing soothing music every night. And remember we asked you to add essential oils or candles? If you have those, then you are sure to get the best sleep as if you are staying in a 5-star hotel.  

Bedroom Slippers And Robe  

If you want to level up your game, then you can add some bedroom slippers and robe to your dorm. We recommend that you get multiple pairs of slippers for your guests. They can even take it home as souvenirs.  

Bathroom Essentials  

If you have your own bathroom in your dormitory, then you can still make it luxe and lavish by buying cute toiletries. You can even add baskets where you can place these items. You don’t have to shell out a lot of cash for this. Just know the right products that will match your bathroom.  

Just in case you are already done redecorating your dorm room, always keep it clean. You can buy a small vacuum cleaner or steam cleaners. Also, it would help if you set ground rules for your visitors. Since they already have their slippers, you can politely ask them to leave their dirty shoes on a rack.  

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