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How to Make Your College Club Interesting

Building a club can be easy as there will always be a step-by-step process that you just need to follow. The real challenge is maintaining and growing your organization. You cannot expect people to join you without making much of an effort. You and your current members will have to work harder so you can gain traction. 

That’s what we are going to share with you in this post. We’ve joined a number of clubs back in college, and some of it were not worth it. And that is why you have to follow these tips so that your organization will last and will have an impact. 

Have a Clear and Purposeful Mission 

When you are managing or leading a club, your members should understand why they are there in the first place. And that boils down to having a clear and purposeful mission. 

Some people think that it’s not essential to spend time thinking about your club’s mission. But in reality, this will help you gauge the success of your group. 

Everyone understands what your organization is, what it is for, and why it exists. That means all the activities are geared towards achieving that goal. In return, your members will contribute to the best of their abilities.  

Involve Your Members in Decision Making 

One of the mistakes that club leaders do is that they do not include their members when making decisions. They often expect them to take orders regardless if they like the plan or not. However, that shouldn’t be the case. 

If you want your college club to be engaging, you always need to think about your members. Get their suggestions, and give them responsibilities as well. They will feel more appreciated and will be proactive. In fact, they could be your instant ambassadors, where they could share their experiences with others. And of course, whenever other people hear good things about an organization, they will be more interested to learn more. 

Regularly Evaluate Your Club Activities  

There might be events that your club holds every year, but that doesn’t mean that you have to keep on doing it. Check if it is successful. If not, you need to assess what went wrong and what your team could have done better. 

If there are events that you need to stop, then go ahead. As leaders, you have the discretion to make changes. Or if these activities are anchored in your club’s tradition, you can always refine it so that it will be more relevant and exciting. 

Hold Events and Partner with Different Organizations 

If you want your events to be successful and to reach a wider audience, you can always partner with other groups. Most likely, they have their own following, and you can increase your club’s exposure. 

You can also invite prominent people or celebrities to talk or present in your events. This alone is a strong invitation for other college students to check it out. Or if possible, encourage your members to invite as many as they can, and they will receive an incentive. 

Just make sure that these events are carefully planned. A flop one can tarnish your reputation, and it will be hard to change it back. Be organized, invite as many people as you can, and place your club’s logos and other marketing collaterals in areas where most can see it. 

Be Active Online 

No matter how amazing your college club is, if you are not active on social media or online, then you are missing a lot of opportunities. College students would like to see updates, and the fastest way to show them information is thru online. 

You can even start your club’s blog or YouTube channel and provide more substantial value to students, members, or non-members. If they could have a glimpse of what you do as a group, they will be eager to join as well. 


And lastly, you have to be consistent. You can’t just be active once a year. Make it a habit to have different activities every month. These activities do not have to be grand. It could be a simple contest online or an outreach program. This will keep your members interested, and once again, they will feel valued. 

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