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How To Make The World A Better Place, College Students Guide 

Have you ever felt that you want to do something to make the world a better place? With all the things happening around us, it is normal to feel that we need to act or else the world might not be the same for future generations.

As a college student, do you think that what you do can make a difference? 

Here are some simple things you could do to make the world a better place. 

Help Out A Fellow Classmate

There are times that people need someone they could rely on, and that also goes between you and your classmates. 

Helping does not always mean financial aid, maybe they just need assistance with their homework, or they need some tutoring to keep up during class. They could even need someone to talk to about their problems.

A simple greeting could also help someone cheer up in times of despair. Share your positivity with them. The simple things that you do for them can go a long way. They could pay it forward and do the same thing for other people. Simply put, it will be contagious. When it starts snowballing, there is no stopping it, and you will be surprised how much a simple “hi” could do. 

Thank Your Professors

Professors are often underappreciated. They spend practically their whole life teaching hundreds of students who pass by every semester. They give their time and effort to help students learn and become better and successful people in the future. And they do that without asking anything in return. 

They stand as your second parents at school. So it is just right that we say our thanks to them. Write a thank you note or create a zoom video showing how much you appreciate what they do. This simple act can bring joy to them and help them become motivated. This would allow them to continue what they are doing and help hundred more students in the future.

Unite People From Your Dorm

In college, everybody is busy, and everyone is doing their own thing. So why not organize an event where people can interact with one another and get to know each other. 

You can start with your dorm. Invite a few friends over dinner and try to do it as a regular get-together schedule. This would help you and your dorm mates meet people outside your circle. Eventually, it might become a well-known event on your campus that people are looking forward to attending every time.

Donate Your Old Textbooks

Usually, you only use your textbook for a semester. After that, you would buy a new one. 

Instead of just letting it collect dust, why not donate it so that someone in need would be able to use it. A number of students are finding it hard to keep up with the class as they could not afford to buy all the textbooks required. Help them out and lend your book and tell them to do the same after they are done it with.

Help Save The Environment

Our world is changing. You can feel it through the weather. Places which are cold before are not as cold now. Lakes are getting dried up, and forests are getting smaller every year. 

Do your part and save the environment even by doing simple things. As this is the age wherein everything can be converted into digital, why not just take notes using your laptops or tablets. Instead of sending paper mails, use e-mails. That way, you would be able to use less paper which can help lower the need for cutting more trees. Or, if it is not possible, reuse old paper and use them as a scratch. 

In addition, have your own reusable cups to minimize the use of disposable ones. Save water by not letting it run while brushing your teeth. 

These are just things that you might be already doing but imagine if everyone is practicing it. We could minimize the waste we produce and keep our environment healthy.

You don’t need to do something big to make the world a better place. Start with yourself by having a positive mindset. Then, share it with the people around you, and they would share it as well. Eventually, your positivity would inflict on everyone in your community. Change is not hard. We just need the willingness to do it. 

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