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How To Make Genuine Friends When In College 

College is one of the best moments in one’s life. But this is only true if you were able to make friends. For others, reaching out to strangers is easy and it seems that they are magnets for social gatherings. However, we understand that this could be challenging for most.  

If you are one of the latter, don’t worry. We have here a few tips that can help you so you can make genuine friends that could last a lifetime.  

Be Yourself  

Maybe you are thinking that you have to adjust and reinvent yourself to make friends. While it is always good to change for the better, changing yourself to please others is a different story.  

You see, that means you are pretending and that’s not your real self. In that case, it’s going to be a challenge to sustain. And perhaps, people will like you not for who you really are, but how you portrayed yourself.  

Now, what if you get tired of pretending? What if you wish to just show yourself? Chances are, they might not like you. So at the onset, it’s best to show your real colors. We guarantee that you can attract people who will genuinely appreciate you. 

Attend Events  

During your free time, see if there are school events you can attend to. It doesn’t matter if you are highly interested, because quite frankly, you will never know unless you see it for yourself.  

In these social gatherings, have the courage to reach out to organizers. Usually, they are approachable and will accommodate your questions. It’s a good practice if you are not used to approaching strangers.  

Join Clubs And Organizations  

College isn’t just about passing your exams and subjects. It’s also the time where you can join different clubs and organizations.  

We recommend that you choose only a few so you can focus on it. Plus, you can create real friendships among its members.  

If you believe there is no group specifically for your interests, it’s a good idea to build your own. Just check the requirements from your school and keep the ball rolling.  

The good thing about building your own organization is that it allows you to practice different skills. You forge your leadership, networking, and even time management skills among many others. And that is essential when you are already about to work for real.  

Read As Much As You Can  

What we notice about the youth today is that they don’t spend too much reading. They are too focused on seeing what’s in social media.  

However, if you want to attract people and to form deep relationships, we suggest that you read a lot. As for the topics, you can be as random as you can get. This way, you will know little about everything and that can be your point of conversation when you meet new people.  

It’s a strategy and at the same time, one way of improving your bank of knowledge.  

Eat Meals With Them  

As a family, it is encouraged that you eat together because that’s the time you can share your thoughts and insights. It makes you become closer with one another.  

The same principle applies when you are trying to build friendships. So, for example, if you are eating in a cafeteria, find a table where you could share it with others. However, you need to be sensitive. Some people value their private time and they would rather eat alone. Use your best judgment for this.  

Know Conversation Starters  

It’s also a good idea if you know the common questions to start a conversation. For college students, you can ask where they are from or what particular subjects they are taking. It doesn’t have to be profound as you are just starting to scratch the surface here.  

Always Be Nice  

And of course, being nice will come a long way.  

Who would want to be friends with rude people, right?  

Ok. You do not have to be a saint just to make friends. But at least show empathy and care for others.  

Do these things, and before you know it, you already have a genuine group of friends. Your college life will be more exciting, and you can keep a lot of fond memories.  

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