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How To Make Friends During Your Freshmen Year  

As you start your college life, you are most likely on your own. Your high school friends might be studying at a different university, and you feel like you can’t make new friends easily. Quite the contrary, it’s easy to make friends in college. If you have no idea how to do it, we have here some practical tips that you can follow. Use these and have a great circle of people that can help you survive college life.   

Be Confident   

The reason why a lot of freshmen cannot have a lot of friends right away is that they are too shy to approach people. Most likely, they lack confidence. There are several ways to boost your confidence.   

First, you need to have a positive disposition. Also, you must know your strengths and improve them. But of course, you should acknowledge your weaknesses and try to accept it.   

It would help if you attend different classes and courses so you can improve your bank of knowledge. The more you know, the more you will be confident to talk to other people.   

Try Living In A Dorm   

Dormitories are a good place to make new friends. More often than not, dorms have common rooms where simple events are being held. Attend these and don’t be afraid to approach other people. We bet that other freshmen are looking for a network there too.   

Attend Events   

And speaking of events, there will be a lot that will be organized by your university. Have time to be there. These are specifically made for freshmen and a good place to find new friends.   

Join Different Clubs or Organizations   

In college, it doesn’t have to be all studies and reports. You should also give yourself time to enjoy and play. And that is why we recommend that you join clubs or organizations. You can join multiple groups if your schedule permits.   

The beauty of joining organizations is that you still get to do what you love, learn more, and establish a network that you can eventually use once you finish your degree.   

Maximize Your Professors’ Office Hours   

Who says you can’t be friends with your professors? In fact, they can turn into your mentor. Exert effort to get to know them. For example, approach them during their office hours. Try to learn more about the topics. But please, be genuine with your intention and avoid this if you just plan to get higher grades.   

Join Online Groups   

Fortunately, it’s easier to have friends in today’s age. You have online groups where you can join and be updated with the latest events and happenings. Try to look for these even before your classes start. Make a connection, comment on topics, and just try to be active.  

Share Your Table   

If someone asks you to share your table with them, then go ahead. You can start a simple conversation about their course, or where they live. Just find a common ground and you would be surprised that there is a lot to talk about.  

Look For Campus Jobs   

If you must know, there are several campus jobs that you can take on. That’s also a great way to make new friends at the university. Come to think of it. You will be compelled to talk to other students and staff as you try to complete your work. You can use that opportunity to engage them in small talks.   

Stay In Crowded Places   

You can also attract people who want to make friends if you stay in crowded places. For example, how about studying on school grounds. Chances are, other people would like to meet new faces too.  

Start Your Study Group   

Many freshmen students are looking for study groups. You can either join an existing group or form your own if you haven’t found one yet.   

Don’t Pretend That You Are Someone Else   

And lastly, as cliché as this may sound, you need to be your genuine self. Don’t pretend to like something just to fit in a group. Otherwise, you’d be getting yourself in the wrong set of friends. This is not to say that you should limit your circle to people with similar interests like yours. However, if you deliberately changed yourself just to fit in, then that’s a different story.   

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