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How To Make Compelling Graduation Speech 

If someone tells you that writing a graduation speech is easy peasy, then it’s either they haven’t written one, or they just wrote something that doesn’t stick to the graduates.

A good graduation speech is hard to do. It should be something that can help motivate your fellow student and should have at least a great line that could be passed on from generation to generation. 

Thinking about how to start and what to talk about is already hard enough; making it last a lifetime makes it a bit tougher. But do not worry as it is not an impossible thing to do. You have to understand how to properly organize your thoughts to create one heck of a speech when put together. 

Here are some tips that you can try to make a compelling graduation speech.

Start It With A Big Thanks

It is always nice to start your speech by giving thanks to the people who helped you through school. Yes, you did all the hard work, but there are still people who played a significant role in reaching that achievement. 

Besides acknowledging people close to you, such as your parents, friends, and teachers, it would be best if you try to recognize that single person and acknowledge them through their name. It can be anyone, and only you know who they are. 

They are the ones who got your back at times of need and did not ask anything in return. By thanking them in front of a crowd, encourage your fellow graduates to the same and thank the people that have been instrumental to their success.

It’s Not Just About You

Yes, this is your moment, and you deserve it. You are the best of the very best, and everyone knows that already. So there is no point trying to make a speech all about yourself. Instead, talk to your friends and classmates and ask them what is their memorable experience on campus. Then use this as part of your speech. 

This is your chance to be the voice of your graduating class—the voice of those students who will never have the chance to have their graduation speech. There is just something about going back to memory lane that hits the heart of anyone who hears it. This would make your speech a memorable one.

Do Your Research

There is nothing wrong with checking out other people’s speeches. There are tons of great speeches available online. It could be from your favorite personality or a historical figure. However, do not try to copy the whole speech. Instead, you can use it as your inspiration and guidance on how your speech would flow.

The Simpler, The Better

Your time, your speech. You would like to say tons of things, but making your speech too long is something that you should avoid. 

Keep it short and straightforward. Everyone is there to celebrate their achievement and not there to listen to a one-hour speech. Imagine yourself in their shoes. 

Would you like to listen to someone who keeps on talking forever? Try to compose your thoughts as you are giving a speech and not storytelling.

Be Mindful Of What You Say

Your graduation speech might be the best time to call out all those people who did terrible things to you, but even though it is the perfect setup for revenge, do not do it. 

Remember, as the voice of the students, you should be setting an example for everyone. Just let karma handle those people. Instead, create a speech that you can be proud of even after you are long gone from campus. It should be a speech that your children’s children would be proud of.

Make Your Final Statement Memorable

If this is a movie, then this is your climax. Everything you have said should be leading up to this. This is where you create your famous line that people will remember.

It can either be words of wisdom, a call to action, or even a personal quote. Make sure that this part is original and not just an excerpt from someone’s famous line. This is your moment to shine, and people would like to hear what you have to say and not somebody else.

When we said making a graduation speech is hard, we mean it is problematic only if you don’t know how to do it. By following these simple guidelines, you can create your speech worthy of being quoted. 


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