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How To Look Rich On A Shoestring Budget, College Tips

How To Look Rich On A Shoestring Budget, College Tips  

Do you want to look expensive even if your budget is just enough? Here are a few things you need to consider. We have gathered some of the most practical tips on how you can look exquisite even if you don’t spend too much. Dressing up well can sometimes give you that confidence. You can use that whenever you present in front of your professors, or if you are about to apply for a job. So, let’s get moving with our tips.   

Look For Versatile Pieces   

When you are shopping for clothes, you have to look for something that you can use multiple times in various ways. That way, you can mix and match it depending on the occasion. For example, get quality plain shirts which you can easily pair with a coat or blazer. At least you can also use it for more casual gatherings.   

Go For Neutral Colored-Ones   

Now, since we mentioned getting versatile pieces, you can choose neutral ones. People wouldn’t even notice if you are wearing it countless times. Again, just learn to pair it with different accessories and you are good to go.   

DIY Your Clothes   

Who says you can’t be creative when in college? In fact, this is the best time that you be one. Look for affordable buttons and other trinkets you can add to your pants or your plain clothes. It’s not hard to sew these on them. Or maybe, if you want to show your artistic side, you can always paint your clothes and create masterpieces.   

Don’t forget to take photos of these things because you can build a portfolio. This is advisable, most especially if you are an art or fashion student.   

Look For Scarves   

If you have a nice scarf, it can certainly amplify your outfit. Getting these is way cheaper than buying an entire wardrobe. However, make sure you don’t add too much layer to your style. It can be overwhelming, and you might not get too comfortable with it.  

Maximize Your Student Discounts   

What’s great about being a university student is that you get discounts from several stores. Make sure to take advantage of those. Plus, wait for promos and other offers from outlet stores. Usually, you can get nice finds for 70% off. These are amazing deals, and you can eventually use the items once you are applying for work.   

Visit Thrift Shops   

Who says you can’t find great items from thrift stores and garage sales. You would be surprised that many people would like to let go of vintage items. As for you, be on the lookout and get these things. Usually, they are just a couple of dollars.  

Make Sure That Your Clothes Fit   

Another thing that you have to consider is how the clothes would fit well on your body. Don’t find clothes that are too loose or too tight. Make it look like it was tailored-fit for you, and you would instantly look rich.   

Go For Pieces That Don’t Scream Brand   

Looking elite doesn’t mean you should show the brand of your clothes. Keep it simple and subtle.    

Don’t Follow The Fad   

We suggest that you get classic pieces instead of trendy ones that will only last for a season. That way, you don’t have to buy more clothes.   

Learn How To Make Your Own Clothes   

You can practically learn anything from YouTube. Fortunately, you can get second-hand sewing machines on eBay. Try to make your own clothes from there. The great thing about this is that you won’t bump into someone wearing the same piece.   

No Need For Flashy Blings   

If you want to look rich, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to flash diamonds and golds. Go for simple jewelry that would complement your entire wardrobe.   

Don’t Swipe Your Credit Card   

If you have a credit card, it could be tempting to swipe and get new clothes. But that should be the least of your priorities. Just stay on the budget and work on what you have. The most important thing is that you know how to carry yourself well. It doesn’t matter if you buy your clothes from garage sales or from designer shops. What matters most is that you are oozing with confidence. And that alone can make you look rich – even if you practically have nothing in your bank account.   

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