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How to Look Professional on Your Online Job Interview

How to Look Professional on Your Online Job Interview

With the advent of technology, a lot of employers now use online interviews to search for their perfect candidate. And as for applicants, this might seem like a good news because you don’t need to travel for a face-to-face conversation. While the platform is apparently different, it doesn’t mean that you have to relax and take the interview lightly. You just need a different type of preparation, and that’s what we are going to share with you in this post. 

Power Dress

You’ve probably seen a lot of memes right now about work-from-home employees wearing blazers and pajamas to attend zoom meetings. Without a doubt, it is more comfortable than wearing a complete corporate outfit. However, if you are about to have your online interview, we recommend that you power dress – from top to bottom. 

Dressing up is not just to look aesthetically pleasing. But if you dress for success, it will instantly boost your confidence. It’s as if you are conditioning yourself that you are ready for the battle. 

Also, don’t forget to groom yourself. Brush your hair, put your makeup, or do whatever it is that you would in a real live interview. 

Check Your Device

Another thing that you have to consider is your device and your internet connection. Make sure that you test your gadgets prior to your schedule. Remember, there could be other applicants that are scheduled on the same day and it is unlikely that they will give you an extension. While having a bad connection is not your fault, it could slow down the entire interview’s momentum. 

What you can do is to have back up plans. If your wifi connection is unstable for the day, then perhaps you can use your data. Exhaust your resources to make your interview as seamless as possible. 

The next point to consider is your audibility. We understand that most devices have a built-in microphone. But it would be good to have a nice headset or headphones. Again, this is not a requirement but could be a smart investment that you can get as early as now. If you must know, work-from-home opportunities are quite rampant, and having your own tools is always an advantage.    

Remove Distractions

The danger of having online interviews is that you can have a lot of distractions at home. You have family or friends talking. You even have dogs, which of course, you can’t necessarily control if they want to bark. Cars and neighbors could also be distractions. But that doesn’t mean it is hopeless to have a great job interview.

Again, preparation is the key. Before your scheduled interview, choose a location where there are fewer distractions. If you want to lock yourself in your room in the meantime, then so be it. If it’s your home’s basement or attic, then go there in the meantime. 

While it is not a requirement, it is always good to have a decent background. Come to think of it, it’s not really the brightest idea to show off your dirty room. 

Now, we are not saying that you have to rearrange your furniture, change your decoration, or have a complete overhaul. But do some cleaning or get a nice curtain that will serve as your backdrop.  

Pretend You are in a Face-to-Face Interview     

Think about this, the only major difference between an actual interview and the one conducted online is that you don’t have to travel. Other than that, you should treat this with the same gravity. And that means even if you are just technically looking at the camera, you have to maintain eye contact. Do not look around or check your phone. 

It will also help if you give a ‘heads up’ to your families and friends that you are about to have an interview. That way, they will minimize their noise and will be extra cautious with their activities for the day.. 

Practice Talking in Front of the Camera

And lastly, you might want to ask your friends to help you with this. You see, a lot of people are still not confident to speak in front of the camera. Try to have a video call with your friends and get their opinion. It would be better if you don’t hold your device while having an interview. Get a stand or a tripod if you are to use your mobile phone.   

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