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How To Look Good In Zoom, Online Class Tips

Many institutions nowadays offer online classes – no thanks to the pandemic. But even if you are taking your class in the comforts of your own home, it doesn’t mean that you should look like you just woke up. It is still a must that you look presentable.  

In this article, here are some of the ways you can look good in Zoom.  

Take A Shower  

This might seem like a funny tip, but if you can take a shower, or at least wash your face, then do so. Just by splashing water on your face, you will feel more alive and ready for your class. Plus, you wouldn’t want others to see your puffy face in the morning, would you?  

It’s also good if you groom yourself. Brush your hair, or add some color to your face if necessary.  

Always Smile  

As much as you can, show a pleasant smile while your camera is on. It can make the entire session lighter and you can even make friends just by doing that. You see, even if you are taking online classes, you need to form good relationships with your classmates.  

Use A Good Lighting  

It is essential that you have a good lighting during your Zoom classes. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to buy your expensive ring light. But if you can position your desk facing your window, then that’s an awesome trick. Most of the time, natural light is way better than artificial ones.  

Also, try not to have a light on your back because you will just end up looking like a silhouette.   

Choose A Good Background 

We perfectly understand that most of us do not have the perfect background for Zoom meetings. Sometimes, we are co-sharing a space and there will always be a clutter. If that’s the case, look for a blank wall where you can use it as a background. In addition, Zoom has a feature wherein you can automatically change your backdrop, but this depends on the specs of your computer. 

Fix Your Camera At The Right Angle  

To look pleasant, make sure that your camera is positioned properly. Either it is aligned to you, or a bit higher where it points downward. If you will place it below your face, your classmates will mostly see your chin and probably your nose hair.  

Know The Perfect Frame  

Before you turn on your camera, see if you fit perfectly on your screen. You wouldn’t want to surprise your professor with just your nose on the camera. That will be extremely hilarious. As a rule of thumb, your face should occupy at least 1/3 of the screen.  

Wear Solid Colors  

Even if you are just at home, we discourage you from attending class wearing your sleeping clothes. As much as possible, change your top into something more presentable and decent. If you have something bright and solid, we say go for that.  

Printed ones are ok if you have no choice. But a plain one should work best and it’s safe.  

Don’t Forget The Mute Button  

When you are attending a Zoom class, always remember to use the mute button when you are not speaking. The last thing you would want your classmates to hear is unnecessary noises from your home. Plus, these are just distracting.  

If you are not used to it, you can always post a reminder near your laptop so you won’t forget.  

Test Your Internet and Software  

We suggest that before your first online class, have a dry run. Check your internet connection and see if your video and audio works. It’s quite a hassle if you will fix these things while attending your class. For sure, you are going to miss a lot of things. To save you time and effort, do it beforehand.  

Invest In A Good Headset 

If you are going to take online classes, we highly encourage that you buy a good headset. Even if you buy the basic ones, it could already improve the quality of your voice during the conference or call. However, try to stay away from the cheap ones as it could only last for a few months. Get a brand that could last for years so that it’s worth it.   

Things have changed. And as much as we don’t want a lot of adjustments, we have to if we want to continue our lives. Soon enough, attending online classes will feel normal, and doing the above practices will come out naturally.  

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