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How To Keep Focused When Studying For An Exam, Your College Guide  

When you have an upcoming challenging exam, it is necessary that you study. And we are not just talking about reading and skimming your notes. You need to focus and to make sure that you understand the concepts in depth.    

Now, as a college student, we do understand that there are several distractions that could come your way. And this could affect your final grade. So what do you need?  

In this post, we will share the best techniques so you can stay focused when studying.   

Know Your Goals And Study Objectives   

To be motivated, you need to set goals. What grade are you trying to hit? Which subjects would you like to improve on? You can’t exactly strike anywhere if you want to reach something. Write it down and be specific. That way, you will be able to know where to exhaust your resources and efforts.   

Create A Schedule   

When you want to focus, we recommend that you start a schedule. Know which best time to study. Some folks might say that it is best to study your lectures in the morning. Others are more comfortable studying at night. But this differs from person to person. Identify the best time you can focus and work your schedule from there.   

Also, it’s important that you add a ‘rest’ period to your schedule. If you must know, resting your brain can help you become more focused. Just imagine yourself studying for eight straight hours. It can be extremely exhausting. Your brain needs to take a break as well. And you would be surprised how much it can help you get good grades.   

Know When To Say No  

We know it’s tempting to always say yes to social gatherings. Of course, it’s always a good thing to have fun with friends. But when you are studying in college, you need to balance your time. If there is an exam coming up, then you can say No to these invitations. What’s the worst that could happen if you don’t attend one gathering? Plus, if you are surrounded by a good circle, they will certainly understand why you are declining their invites. They know your goals and they will support you on them.   

Create A Conducive Environment   

Your environment could contribute to your study habits. You’ve probably heard it before but it’s about time that you start working on it. For example, you can choose the library to study. Being surrounded by books and other people focusing on their lectures can influence you. You can also stay in coffee shops if you are not the type of person who likes extremely quiet places. Or how about your school grounds? Again, there’s no specific place where you can study. But in general, look for a place where there is less distraction.   

Have A Study Partner Or Group   

If studying on your own doesn’t work for you, then we recommend that you look for a motivated partner, or a good group that can help you study. However, don’t act as a parasite. You shouldn’t just go there are listen without giving your contribution. More often than not, you will be given a task or topics to study beforehand. Make sure to prepare.    

Stay Away From Your Phone And Turn Off Notifications   

We can’t deny the fact that technology plays a great role in our educations. It’s easier to find answers to once hard questions. However, it can also be a source of distractions. Your social media and even your email notifications could make you lose your focus. Having said that, make sure that you block these when you are studying. What’s a couple of hours of not looking at your phone?   

Take Small Bits At A Time   

The problem with most students is that they try to understand as many concepts as they want in just one blow. But that would not work. We suggest that you break down your complicated subjects and understand them piece by piece. Do not overwhelm yourself and you are likely to be able to focus.   

Don’t Forget To Move   

Yes, exercising is important and that could help you in your cognitive abilities. Have a regular time working out or start running for a bit. After a while, you should be able to keep your focus.    

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