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How to Improve Your Social Skills

Having good social skills has a lot of benefits. It allows you to interact with people better hence helping you expand your network. 

It will be a plus if you know many people in college to help you coast through it quickly. It would also benefit you in the future when the time comes that you have to apply for your first job. 

So you see, your social skills are a part of your everyday life, therefore, improving them is something that everyone should do. Here are some tips on how you can improve your social skills.

Learn How To Listen

This is where most people fail. Some tend to hear what people say but not listen to it. Hearing is when you recognize what people are saying but not understanding it. 

On the other hand, when you listen, you process what they are trying to say to you and generate questions out of what they say. This is how a conversation starts.  The goal is to interact with other people through listening. 

Show Your Interest In People’s Stories

Admit it or not, each one of us is a bit egocentric. Naturally, people love it when you show interest in their stories. 

To start a conversation, ask people about themselves. Ask them something that you don’t know about them. 

Just be careful when you ask questions, especially if you have just met that person the first time. Try not to ask too personal questions that might put them in an awkward position. 

What you are trying to establish is a good ice breaker and a way to connect to the person you are trying to talk to.

Start With Your Comfort Zone

Are you comfortable talking to a group of people, or do you prefer having a one-on-one conversation? 

The latter allows you to have a more personal conversation. Meanwhile, talking in groups usually have less tension as the focus is distributed to many. 

Try to identify which environment will help you function better and start from there. As you feel more confident conversing with other people, try stepping it up a notch by gradually changing the condition. 

If you prefer one-on-one, develop your skill there, then gradually increase the number of people you are talking to and vice versa.

Try To Have A Positive Vibe

People tend to shy away from those who have negative vibes. With all the negative things happening around us, the last thing we want is to converse with someone who complains all the time and is full of negativity. Every once in a while, it is ok to rant about certain things but doing it every time is something you should avoid. 

Know Who You Are Talking To

People appreciate it when you address them through their names. Some may argue that they are having trouble remembering people’s names, but it is all about how bad you want to do it.

A good technique is when you talk to them, ask for their name first, and repeat it after them. Then during your conversation, try calling him through his name to have that retention. Don’t be shy to ask them again and explain that you are terrible with names. Sometimes it even becomes a talking point for the both of you.

Remember Their Stories

If you can recall, the first thing we talked about on how to improve your social skills is by listening to other people. This is the reason why. 

If you listen to them, you would remember what they told you, which can be the foundation of your conversation. When people see that you are listening to what they are saying, they try to converse more with you as they feel appreciated.

Know When To Fill In The Gaps

There is a difference between trying to fill in the dead air and being the center of attraction. You don’t always have to voice out your opinion. Simple gestures like nodding and smiling show how you feel about what other people are saying. People feel drained when they are around someone who keeps talking and is just plain self-centered.

Having good social skills is something you should add to your repertoire. It is not just for your school or your future work, but you can use it in your everyday living and help establish a better relationship with other people.

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