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How To Improve Your Online Visibility For Employers 

If you must know, improving your online visibility is not just for companies and brands. As an individual, you can benefit from it too. For example, your potential employers could see how you market yourself, and that could be your ticket to landing a job.  

But the real question is, how are you going to improve your online visibility. Here are a few tips that could help you while you are still in college.  

Have A Blog Page  

Do you think writing blog posts is dead?  

Certainly far from it.  

Having a blog page is still an effective way to increase your online visibility. And the good thing about this is you can showcase your writing skills. As we all know, employers are impressed when a potential candidate can put their thoughts into writing.  

By having a blog page where you can organize your ideas, it can be your way to landing a good job.  

Build Your LinkedIn Profile 

As early as now, you need to create your LinkedIn profile. It’s a platform where professionals could connect with one another. Think of it as Facebook but for the workforce.  

The beauty of using this social media platform is that you also get to read valuable insights from different industries. In fact, even the CEOs of different companies share articles here too. It makes you prepare for a world far more different from college.  

Gather Testimonials And Reviews  

We all know that word-of-mouth still works. Now, how can you translate it to social media or to the digital world, most especially if you do not have a job experience?  

Who says you need to have a job experience to get testimonials?  

You can reach out to your professors, groupmates, even friends to give their honest opinion about the quality of your work. They could base their reviews on your term papers, grades, and collaborative projects. Also, you might have joined an organization where you can get recommendations too from other members and officers.   

Create A Page  

You might think that this is just for celebrities, influencers, and even companies. However, you can create your own page where you can share your thoughts and even your portfolio. Make sure that you use your name so that employers could easily search for it whenever they want to know more about you online.  

Building a website is a good technique too. Do not get intimidated as this is now easy to do. There are website makers where you can just drag and drop design elements, and you are good to go.

Use Decent Photos For Your Profile  

It’s about time that you check your profile photos. Are these good enough?  

Let’s be clear here. You do not have to use a rigid type of photo like the ones you will submit for your passport or visa. But you might want to have a high-resolution photo that emits positivity. Think about a nice shot where you are having a cup of coffee. Or how about posting something where you are giving a presentation. 

You need to say goodbye to your profile picture used in dating apps.  

Learn The Basic SEO Tips  

Companies and brands use this. But it could help if you practice the fundamentals as you try to increase your online visibility.  

What do we mean by SEO?  

It’s an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a complex concept but to give you an idea, here’s an example.  

When you are searching online and you are looking for ways to¬†write¬†a good essay, you would typically type these keywords, ‚Äėhow to write an essay‚Äô.¬†From there, you will find a lot of articles or websites teaching you how to do it.¬†¬†

These websites that are found on the first page of search engines were able to work on their SEO strategy properly. Now, if you want to be found by employers, you can practice adding the keywords to your blog posts. For example, ‚Äėgraphic designer for small¬†businesses’. Or, you can always add your full name whenever you update photos and other materials. ¬†

Share Valuable Content  

In case you already have a running social page, you must ensure to share valuable posts. We recommend doing original ones rather than re-sharing what others have posted. With this, you can already show how well-versed you are with graphics and even writing captions.  

Be Active On Social Media  

Being active on social media also has its perks. You are leaving an impression that you are updated and engaged socially. These are good traits if you wish to be in the workforce.  

And while you are building your online presence, we highly recommend that you look at your previous posts. Are there contents that you need to delete as it could be offensive? If yes, then go ahead and clear it as early as you can.  

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