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How To Improve Your Instagram Feed, College Guide

As a college student, most likely you have your own Instagram account. And while you think it’s just a platform where you can share your amazing travel adventures and fantastic food, it can also be your representation when you apply for jobs. And that is why you would see several university students trying their best to improve their feed. Your potential employer may or may not check it. As for you, just be ready. So make an effort right now.  

Choose A Theme  

If you want to create a brand for yourself, choosing a theme could be beneficial. This means, you have to set the mood of your photos, and you need to be selective about which ones to post.

Do you want it to look retro? Are you aiming for a minimalist look?  

Get Nice Photos  

When you post on Instagram, you also have to consider the quality of your images. Is it grainy and pixelated? Unless you are going for that look, we suggest that you improve your photos. Fortunately, you don’t need to have expensive cameras to do this. Even the mid-tier phones can provide you with amazing photos that could work well with your feed. What you can try to learn is how to find the right angle.  

Write Engaging Captions  

You shouldn’t just focus on the images alone. Try to write nice captions instead of just filling your posts with emojis. The good thing about this is you will be able to hone your writing skills. And at the same time, your employers would get to know you on a deeper level. They will see your beliefs, your values, and even your skills. These are all crucial factors to get the job.  

Delete Unnecessary Contents  

Remember when we were younger, and we would post random photos without thinking first? You better check your old posts and see if there is anything derogatory or rude in nature. You better delete these before anyone would attempt to have a screenshot of those.  

Just so you know, there are many celebrities and personalities who’ve lost their jobs just because of a post they created years ago. While it is true that you cannot judge a person based on their past, it can certainly influence some of their decisions today.  

Take Lots Of Photos  

The beauty of having digital photos is that you can take as much as you can, as long as your device’s memory could handle it. Take advantage of that. This is so you can have several options of what you can post. Of course, you need to choose the best angle that will wow those who will visit your Instagram page.  

Or if you can’t decide, then use multiple images. You can make a collage as well.  

Edit Your Photos If Necessary  

So, you are not satisfied with your lighting or the way you positioned your camera. Don’t get frustrated because you can easily edit these with different apps and software. However, we do not encourage that you edit photos to show a different story. What we mean by editing is to just add a bit of filter, crop, or adjust the lighting. We are not telling you to create an image where you are on top of Mt. Everest when in reality you are just watching TV series at home.  

Seriously, what are you trying to show the world?  

Plan Your Photos  

If you want to have an impressive feed during your college years, then we recommend that you plan your photos. Try to avoid being random. But instead, wait for a couple of days before you post your images.  

For real-time happenings that can’t wait to be posted, then your ‘stories’ could be a great place for that.  

Don’t Forget To Engage  

If some of your posts are getting traction and people started commenting, make sure to acknowledge and respond. This is also a good way to show people that you are not just posting, but really making a connection with them.  

And just in case you receive negative remarks, don’t get frustrated. There are trolls everywhere and you should be able to manage it. In case it goes overboard, then just delete it. But never try to pick a shallow fight. As early as now, you have to pick your battles.  

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