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How To Improve At Test Taking In 60 Minutes

If you have trouble taking tests, you may think there are few if any options you have for seeing a dramatic improvement in your performance. However, once you put your mind to it, you may find you can improve your test-taking abilities in as little as 60 minutes. While we know you would much rather be having fun with your friends at a nearby party or out on a date, taking some time to improve your test-taking skills will pay off handsomely at the end of the semester when grades are finalized. If you’re ready to conquer your test fears, here are some quick ways to do so.

Take Good Lecture Notes

If you want to improve your test scores, work harder in class to take great lecture notes. According to a recent study, over 50% of what students learn in class is forgotten within twenty minutes after leaving class. By having great notes to look back on, you can quickly refresh your memory and be well-prepared for even the most difficult test.

Don’t Zone Out During the Lecture

Even if you’ve got the most boring professor on campus, don’t let yourself start daydreaming and zoning out during the lecture. Instead, psych yourself up before class to have a positive attitude and be mentally focused on the task at hand. In most cases, the more determined you are to get a good grade, the better your chances of doing well on the next test.

Review Your Notes After Class

Since you may be like other students and forget 50% of what you heard in class a few minutes after you walk out of the room, always make sure you take some time after class to review your notes. By doing so, you can get key points into your memory and be much more prepared for the next test. If you can, get together with other classmates to compare notes so that you can be sure you have the most important points covered in the lecture.

Focus on Easy Questions

Once you have a test in front of you, always try to focus on the easy questions first. By being able to answer some questions correctly at the beginning, you can build up your confidence, put yourself at ease, and increase the chances you’ll be able to remember what you need to so that you can give correct answers to the more difficult questions on the test.

Prepare Your Mind and Body

If you want to do well on a test the next day, always make sure you prepare your mind and body the day before. This means rather than hanging out with friends until the wee hours of the night, you stay home or in your dorm room and turn in early for a good night’s sleep. Then, be sure you awaken the next morning in plenty of time to eat a good breakfast, do a last-minute review of your notes, and have a few minutes to relax before you sit down to take your test.

Develop a Study Schedule

Like most things in life, you will get better results if you are very organized. The same holds true for taking tests, so it is always a good idea to develop a study schedule you can stick with on a regular basis. Whether you study a few minutes in the mornings before school, in-between classes when you have a spare hour, or after dinner each night, having a regular routine will keep you focused, help you relax, and set the stage for what will be a very high test score.


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