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How To Host The Best Summer Party 

Now that you are in college, you might want to throw a nice summer party for your friends. But if this is your first time, we bet that it can be overwhelming.  

Trust us, we understand how you feel. And that is why we wrote this article for you. We want to share a few practical tips on how you can throw a nice summer party. 

Don’t waste time and keep on reading.  

Come Up With A Theme  

Parties with themes are more exciting. In that case, you have to think of the best one for your friends. Now, this doesn’t have to be grand like a masquerade ball. After all, such parties can be expensive. Try to think of themes that people could easily dress up for. Obviously, you can have a pool party. You can also throw a backyard party and ask your invitees to come in their 50s-inspired summer outfit. How about setting up a huge screen and have a movie night?  

As much as it is great to have a costume party, we don’t encourage it, most especially if you live in warmer areas. Just imagine your guests sweating all over! Not a good thought, isn’t it?  

Send Your Invitations As Soon As Possible  

When you are already certain about the dates and other details, you should be able to send the invites. Fortunately, there’s no need to print these out and to mail them separately (but this is an option too). But instead, you can just send it through email or create an event on Facebook. The beauty of using online invites is that you can easily assess how many people are going to be in your party.  

From here, you can already lay out better plans.  

Go For A Simple Menu  

Unless you are a great cook, you better stick with simple food choices. No one can say no to burgers and hotdogs. You can even order pizza. It’s fast, and again, everyone loves it.  

Since it’s a college party, you might want to throw a few alcoholic beverages. But make sure to limit this. You wouldn’t want to cause any trouble. Plus, remember that you can be liable if ever something wrong happens. Always remember that it’s possible to have fun even without beers.  

Make Your Venue ‘Conversation-Friendly’  

This is a must if you are to host a summer party. You would want people to mingle with each other. Hence, it would be ideal if you set up your venue where people could easily talk and have a cozy conversation. You can add some bean bags or chairs. Don’t forget to add chips just in case your full menu isn’t ready yet.  

At least, no one would ever get hungry.  

Have A Good Playlist  

Just try to imagine a summer party without a good playlist. It can be extremely dull.  

Before the start of your event, you should keep some good song running. This could set up the mood, and those who would come early will already enjoy.  

Good thing we already have Spotify to help you with this. Just type your theme and it should give you a wide latitude of options.  

Add Spice To Usual Party Games  

No one is ever too old for games. If possible, you can get life-sized Jenga pieces. This is more exciting (and challenging) than a regular one. How about a more adult version of truth or dare?  

You can always add a twist to the usual kiddie games and encourage everyone to participate.  

Don’t forget to prepare simple prizes too. You would be surprised that college students can be highly competitive over simple tokens.  

Don’t Forget Your Lights  

For late night parties, make sure you have good lighting too. There are many available twinkle lights online. We encourage you to get those. After all, you can reuse it even on your next party.  

Solar lamps are ideal as well in case you are going to start in the afternoon and plan to end it at night.  

Enjoy Too  

And lastly, don’t forget to enjoy. We understand that being a host can be tiring. But there’s no need to worry about the littlest things. As long as you invited the right set of people, everyone will surely have fun.  

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