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How To Handle A Breakup In College

College teaches you how to handle different kinds of experiences that you would encounter during your pursuit of success. But one experience they do not prepare you for is breaking up with your special someone.

Falling in love in college is different compared to if you had one in high school. In college, you practically live your life together. Every day, you see each other, eat together, go to class together, and maybe stay in the same dorm together.

All of these things can make the relationship appear deeper than it is. It is the reason why breaking up in college is more challenging. Though it is hard, it is not impossible. Here are things you can do to handle a breakup in college.

It Is Just A Temporary Thing

You might feel that it is the end of the world, but it is not. Yes, breakups can make you feel low and in despair, but you should not allow it to take over you. It is just a temporary feeling that you would be able to surpass. 

Everyone has experienced it at least once in their life, and all will tell you that it will pass. If you keep on dwelling on it, then the harder it is for you to recover. Let the healing occur, and you’ll soon realize that you are over with your ex and ready to face life again.

Do Not Forget Other People Close To You

You are breaking up with your ex but not with everyone else. Try to focus on your other relationships, like the ones with your family and friends. Their support and love would make it easier for you to handle the breakup. Remind yourself that other people love you and care for you. Even without your ex, do not think that you will be alone because you are not.

Do Other Activities

When suffering from a breakup, it could take a toll not just on your emotional state but also on your mental and physical condition. When people feel down, they often forget to take care of themselves, but this should not be the case. 

Remember, there is more to life than your love life. You still have your academics to take care of. That is why it is essential to keep yourself healthy so that you have the energy to accomplish your task.

It is good if you try to engage in things that would get your mind off it. Keep yourself healthy by adding regular exercises to your daily routine. You can do treadmills, run, lift a weight, or whatever suits your interest. You can also get into sports which is a good way of staying healthy.  It could help you clear your mind and, at the same time, improve your emotional endurance.

Prioritize Your Study

Now is the time to try and put your focus more on your studies. We’ve mentioned that not everything in college is about studies, but it is the primary reason why you went in there in the first place. If you try and focus on your studies, then you won’t have time to get sad as you will be preoccupied. Try achieving a higher grade than what you used to get, and you will be surprised that you can do it only if you focus hard enough.

Enjoy Life

Just because you lost your love life doesn’t mean you have to give up on everything else. There are a lot of things you should live for. College life has still had so much to offer, and you will find someone that would make your heart skip a beat again. The best thing to do now is to enjoy yourself and be free.

Breakups would always be painful. But that is part of falling in love. Love is not just about being happy. It is also learning how to cope up with the pain that comes with it. Do not ruin your life just because you and your partner broke up. Use this time to appreciate things around you and the people who love and care for you. Breakups are part of everyone’s lives that teaches you how to become stronger and better.

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